Looking at Oshun

As per a friend’s advice, I bought this book that tells you what deities link to you through numerology. I’m not sure I did it right, but Oshun was on my list.

Oshun is a Yuroban goddess of rivers,fertility, love, beauty, and sexuality. She is said to be one of the three lovers of Chango, the storm deity, and rules over rivers. She is primarily shown wearing bright yellows. This is what I know of her. I’ve even created a figurine in her likeness.

I will admit, the Orishas interest me. I’ve always considered working with them, at least for the sole purpose of spiritually connecting to African descended people. Though I’m not sure what that means or how it would work. However, I’ve been told, by several people in several places and times, they don’t like white people.

Also, goddesses of beauty and love are typically not the sorts I work with. I always feel like I need to earn their attention through self mastery. This is my way of thinking with Lilith and freyja. I’ve always thought I should pursue a god of knowledge first, such as Odin. And yet, I still am drawn to her, at least through curiosity.

For those who’ve worked with Oshun, especially people who are Caucasian, what is she like? Does she ever demand or ask for any form of tribute, and if so what? What is her actual take on race and race relations? And if the image presented above shows, what do you think of it?

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No insight just wanted to say nice figurine.

They don’t care about a man made idea of race, however they’re not above if someone calls on them for racial “justice” if that makes sense. However their own ideals and the ideals of those who seek their help aren’t always the same but they will still work with anyone, just as not everyone who works with them are initiated to them.

I have worked with her. Traditionally it’s appropriate to set up an alter for her, with her picture and offerings of sweet spices and honey.

She’s a wonderful being and will suggest more for your path and healing. For me that’s when I cut off contact, because she wanted to do more than I was ready for.

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Regarding the figurine, I like to make similar figures of mythological and folkloric figures using hero forge. It’s a hobby. I’m considering making a page to display them. I currently deciding on a name. I’m thinking either Model Citizen or Model Student.