Looking around?

I guess what I was thinking of asking is what’s the best way to search around online for different sorcerers and what not? Like what would be the best phrase to type into google or something? I just struggle to look for some as I’m trying to get some help.

Why not do it yourself?

You can look on fiver and find cheaper ones via reviews or there’s trusted ones but more expensive who you’ll find on this site

But if you need something why not learn how to do it yourself since you’re here?


I’m genuinely just checking. I know you can do things yourself, I’m personally not very experienced or the most knowledgeable, so I’m just wondering?

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Since you’re here you can describe the problem and see what people (and many of us are sorcerers) suggest.

That makes it 1) more interesting for us 2) potentially less insulting since we ain’t chopped liver, and 3) most importantly for you, far easier for us to give advice you might find useful as it’s specifically tailored to your problem.


I’m sorry. Truly my intention wasn’t to insult or offend anyone, I’m just quite naive with some of this and I feel like my problems would be too personal to put out for everyone to see.

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You don’t need to share all the gory details just like what’s it to do with?

Some people are good at love rituals, some energy work, some clairvoyance, some wealth etc

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Yeah don’t worry I personally I’m coming a lot more strongly from 1) and 3), 2) I simply listed as a marketing concern, a potential reason why this thread could potentially fail to garner freeways full of helpful traffic.

Well the beauty of sharing personal problems on the internet is no one knows who you are IRL, has to know that the problem is yours or someone else’s, or has to know any personally identifying details about the specific case. If a need a shaman to try and heal my absurdly treatment and drug resistant boil-like hemorrhoids, they can conveniently become my grandfather’s plus I can stay vague or even mislead people about which world renowned butt hospital to hack into to doxx any potentially humiliating HIPPA info.

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I’m trans and I was hoping to look for someway to change myself physically or even if it was possible to change my reality. I know it sounds quite stupid, but I was just looking for any possibilities as it’s held me back quite a lot for a few years.

Agreed made this mistake a few times, look towards the god within and achieve your goals, the best sorcerer is usually YOU.

You can change your reality…

But I would imagine the easiest way to do that would be to change your environment to more accepting of you if it’s causing you difficulties

Like attract people for whom that won’t be an issue

And practice loving yourself for exactly who you are

I’m sorry but I don’t think even using magick there’s any quick fixes… some people say they have changed eye colour, grown taller etc so maybe it is possible but I can’t imagine how many hours of subliminal programming it must take for minor things like that - you’ve spent your entire lifetime consciously being someone, it just seems easier to change the outer to be more accepting than change anything physically imo