Look but don't touch..... Soulmate question

So EA just posted a video about Soulmates. He made a comment about if you ask to bring your soulmate into your life you could push someone out of it. He mentioned calling upon Lucifer to help make that happen. I, respectfully, don’t follow him or have interest in calling him at this time.

What if I wanted to just find out who. Not really bring him in my life but just confirm who he is. And would someone like Sallos or Paimon do this?

There’s a “parlor game” where you look at your left knuckle and there is suppose to be an initial on it. It is said to be the first initial of your soulmate. I actually have one. Its a full on letter. An M. Well I have two men with that initial. One past (first true love) one current. I never want to lose my current but is my past “him”.

Is asking who but not wanting kind of “cheating”? Like who is he but dont upset my life telling me.

Divination is best for this.


Well how would Lucifer help you make something happen that isn’t written in stone? by this I mean a soulmate is someone you have a ‘strong’ bond with, it’s not necessarily love, a friend, a lover, a sibling, a mother, a father, etc and doesn’t exactly mean you are that person’s soulmate and we often have many in one lifetime.

So by this logic (if you can even mix the two) you’re likely to find one or more or even none until you in the moments form those bonds into ones defined as soulmates.

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I don’t necessarily trust divination on myself because I feel I can be biased and alter the true answer.

I respect everyone’s opinions on well everything honestly. I may not agree 100% but im cool with most of what I hear. Because unless I have all the facts who am I to say otherwise. I have only one soulmate. And my past visions and knowledge given to me shows and proves that. Maybe I had more and they are now no longer, I don’t know. I do also accept that im not necessarily meant to be with my soulmate or even like him honestly. I do believe in lifemates and yes there can be many.

I want (or im pretty sure I do explained in a moment) to sever a soulbond. But I waver between who is my soulmate and lifemate. If my current is my true soulmate that I do not want to do the sever. If my past is I do want to complete the ritual. I know clear as mud. Trouble is my bond really is strong with both. My past I dont speak to because I opened up to him and he ghosted me afterwards. But we have never had a fight ever.

This is my last life on earth. Im not coming back and want to prepare myself for my next incarnation as being with Lilith. So I guess if its my past I dont want to carry it with me. If my current I dont want to ruin my relationship.

This would be a lot easier if they didnt have the same initials. I think i need to look into soul contracts too. Not sure my belief in them but wonder if one had been done in a past life against my will. Sometimes I wonder if my “past” is punishing me because of our “past”. If so it needs to stop.

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If you cannot trust yourself to see answers clearly given in divination, how could you trust yourself to recieve the answers from a spirit through your own mind?

In that case, use a method that does not rely on your intuition, and meditate sometime immediately before casting the reading.


I trust answers given to me via dreams. That is my strongest and most trusted way. I found out about a “indiscretion” via a dream once. Not one clue was ever seen. Had a dream and the person contacted me and told me what was going on. I get many other answers that way too. I have gotten other messages that turned out to be eerily on point as well.

However, in my own mind its tricky for me. See when I asked in search of whom my spirit guide was he told me in a dream. Or showed me rather. He was part of my last past life and to be honest. He doesn’t like either man (he was jilted) lol. So im not sure he would be square and fair. So I need to ask another source and its best they show me in my dream state where it is raw and accurate. I can control my dreams but i can’t avoid ,change or deny messages given or seem to stop a certain dreamwalker…

There’s ways to obscure the divination so your conscious mind doesn’t insert an answer too soon.

For example, have a friend associate two very different colors, picture or emotions - what ever you can pickup well but are very striking/interesting and clearly different - with each person, but not tell you or how you the pictures. Then divine for the color/picture/emotion rather than the person. Later describe *but don’t try to identify yet) to the friend what you picked up - they will analyse the description, and tell you if you picked up one of the images.
If you got one of the images, great, your friend ca then tell you which M was for which image. If neither, maybe it’s neither of them.

Caveat: I don’t personally believe in “soulmates”, so I’m assuming this works because whatever soulmates means to you is a real thing in your universe. It’s what I’d do if I needed to find out something emotional, like lottery numbers or something.

I just did something similar. I wrote each of their initials on a seperate piece of paper. I found two different markers. I mixed the papers up with my eyes closed and put them in a jar and shook it up.

Then took two different markers and mixed them up. Eyes closed i grabbed a piece of paper and marked it (unknown what color or what paper) grabbed the other and did the same with the other marker.

Put them back in the jar and asked Prince Orobos (using my pendulum) if my SM was the ones name marked in blue ink. He said yes.

Said my current is. I feel I didn’t affect the answer at all because I didn’t know what color was on what name. I feel much better.

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