Long Overdue Intro

Hello ladies and gents, gods and goddesses. My handle as you can see is Eclipse - how original, I know. I’ve been around the forum for a fair bit, mainly taking note and performing side research for myself since a good lot of you seem well experienced and well-grounded enough to give good advice and separate reality from fiction, which is an immediate plus in my book.

Now where to start. I am a 21-year-old Wisconsin born and raised practitioner and I’ve been at it for about three years, mainly focusing on energy work and Chakras, also a bit of angelic working for a small bit of time. I’m well acquainted with sigils and seals - a personal favorite is the collection of Solomon, also the first set I’ve ever worked with. I’m mainly familiar with passive practice, such as Banishing, Cleansing, and protection as I was advised very early on.

I was born into a Christian-based background like many here seem to be as well, though as time went by I just started asking the questions no one else bothered with, and I suppose like most I just fell off the wagon and started doing my own research, which eventually led me down the path I’m on today. I suppose I’m mainly in it for answers, but also the benefit of recreating myself and “Ascending” as you all so fondly refer to it as.

At the current time, I’ve only worked with two entities. The first being Archangel Michael, whom I share a rather fond relationship with, and seeing as our personalities often clash I’d say he was for a period of time the wake-up call I desperately needed, and despite that, I consider him one of my most trustworthy allies.

The second and most recent is a big game-changer for me, being Queen Lilith, who came to me at a rather transitional period where I began questioning the duality of myself and looking into the darker aspects that eventually led me to this wonderful forum. Our relationship is… unique for lack of better words, and I found myself sharing a lot more in common with her than I could’ve imagined. The sudden introduction to herself and the Infernal Empire has also sparked an interest in the entirety of the four angels of sacred prostitution as I find each of them to be the first step of the newest path in my practice/life.

Things I’m interested in learning. Well, I recently found a growing interest in Draconic Magic, more specifically the entity Tiamat, but I don’t think I’ll be making that plunge anytime soon. Exploring and researching both the tree of life and death - If even possible, has also been an interest of mine, and one I believe I’ll be delving more into very soon. As I mentioned before Ascension is and always will be the ultimate goal here, and I feel like more aspects of self-exploration would certainly benefit me at this time. I am eager to work with more of the Infernal Hierarchy, as I mentioned the four queens are currently my main interest, eventually, I’d like to work with as many Kings as I possibly can, Belial and Paimon being two who interest me greatly, Duke Danatlion as well, Emperor Lucifer - Duh, and Samael has been popping up in my head lately - I recently read a post on here about him that seemingly misused his name for what I can assume was fluff and was literally up in arms, so it’s safe to say I have some deep-rooted desire to know and learn from him.

I…am unsure if that covered it all, BUT I do know one of you lovely folks will smack me over the head if it isn’t so feel free to do so, and sorry about the rambling. I look forward to learning with and from you all from here on out.

Pre-edit: I forgot the fun facts.

  • I am a Virgo, uncertain of any rising sun/moon signs sadly.
  • I’m currently practicing tarot - I have an angel deck. Kind of a big deal :sunglasses:
  • I love reading and researching, so if you ever come across any articles or books that could help with anything mentioned above PLEASE share with me!
  • I am in fact interested in learning about the many different spirits in existence, and at the moment I’m trying to study Succubi and learn more from and about them while I work with my lady.
  • I usually refer to entities I work with as “Lady” “Lord” and other noble/respectful titles because I simply enjoy the way it sounds, unless told otherwise. The only exception being angels as I’ve been instructed to call them by familial titles or by name alone - special things they are.
  • Fall is my favorite season.
  • I am willing to learn about and will always respect different paths or ‘currents’ - correct me if I used that wrong, simply because I don’t believe the universe is as linear as one would think. That being said I don’t talk politics since they make me sleepy, and regardless of religion, ethnicity, race, and gender, I will always respect you as a person regardless of ideals or practicing conflicts.
  • He/Him, They or whatever you wish to call me for pronouns works, I am indeed a tough cookie.
  • Tell me your pronouns so I can address you correctly, and if I get it wrong the first time please forgive me.
  • I’m pretty solitary and socially awkward so if you do attempt to speak with me and I seem distant just give me time and I promise I’ll warm up to you.

That’s it for fun facts since this post has dragged on enough, feel free to ask me questions and all that fun stuff, and if you made it this far thank you for reading!

“I don’t have a cool signature yet.” - Eclipse


Welcome :slight_smile:


Thank you, glad to officially be here.

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