Long Distance Sex Magick

I have been building a long-distance sex ritual with Lilith. This ritual is of my design through experimentation and conversations with the Dark goddess.

I do sex magick work with my magickal partner, who currently lives in Chicago. I wanted to be able to harness that sexual energy to create a “lust cannon” that pushes forth my intention and will without the need for physical connection.

If you experiment with this ritual, please let me know. I would love to hear how it worked for you. Suggestions are also welcome.


Lilith has mentioned that you can “make up for the distance with lust and desire.”

For this reason, I think it requires about a week of sexual build-up with your partner. Sending sexy photos/texts/calls. But neither of you are allowed to orgasm during this period. This build-up allows the lust and desire to grow. You need * a lot* of it.

Be sure to keep their sexual energy and the act of sex with them on your mind frequently throughout the day.


  • Figure out what moon cycle you want to use (this depends on your intention).

  • It’sIt’s best to focus on one partner’s intention for this work. Both parties will focus on this intention. It’s a joint effort with one goal.

  • Create a sigil for your intention. Write them on notecards and tape around your room to look at during the ritual.

  • Prepare/Dress the candle (color based on intention, carve in the sigil and anoint) and prepare your altar. I suggest using smaller chime candles.

  • Plan out a time to video chat with your partner. You need a minimum of 10 minutes for this ritual.

  • During the video chat, watch each other anoint your naked bodies with the sigil using Rose oil, attraction oil, or whatever oil you want.

  • Open your sacred space. Ask for protection.

-Ask for assistance/guidance. Call upon Lilith to oversee this ritual, to enjoy it, and grant your petition. Offer her something. Roses, wine, chocolates (think aphrodisiac.)

  • Light a candle in Lilith’sLilith’s name.

  • The long-distance sex act itself should be a performance. (And that is for both the male and female energy). Don’tDon’t sit back and be a passive observer. This magick only works if you are entirely in the act itself.

Suggestions: striptease, BDSM work/kinks, dirty talk, be creative with your angles. The more you let go and be creative with your sexual energy, the happier Lilith will be, and more likely to answer the petition.

  • Dual orgasm is not necessary. But each party MUST orgasm while focusing on the sigil notecard, and visualize the intention.

  • The ritual ends when both parties have orgasmed.


  • Stay on the phone with your partner and bask in the sexual energy. Enjoy some pillow talk.

  • Let the candle burn during this time and keep sacred space still open.

  • THANK LILITH. (Gratitude is essential!) Close the space when you are ready to complete or have to leave. Snuff your candle and relight when you can.

  • When the candle has burned out, use the wax to understand how successful the spell was.

  • Bury the wax (and other offerings or materials) OUTSIDE but near your house.


  • I have noticed that during this ritual, both partners will smell sex after. I don’t know any other way to describe it. My theory is that it’s a physical manifestation of some astral sex.

  • It is common to become very cold after this ritual. Have a blanket handy.

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“make up for the distance with lust and desire.” commonly known as addiction too masturbation. Just have an orgy it’s much more interesting.

What are you talking about? This is a one time ritual. There requires no “addiction.”

This is a sex ritual for those who want to use both male and female energies in their magick to strengthen it is they live LONG DISTANCE.

Having an orgy would be good for sex magick but has nothing to do with this post at all?