Long distance love spells

Has anyone had a love spell targeted on someone hours away and see a result?

Such as having them move back
Or anything along that line ?


I’m interested in this as well, bump


Yes I have had my lover move to Texas with me from California. Only with the help of Lucifer and Pomba Gira working together, they worked so fast and efficiently it was amazing I was shocked. I thank them a million times for that experience


I kind of know one. Since if you used the apple love spell again after the previous girl you used it on had it where it wore off and she moved far away, It will still cause the girl in question to get in contact with you no matter how far she had moved away since then.

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What ritual you used with Pomba Gira?

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I wrote a petition out to her on parchment paper and brought her sigil to a crossroad and left a lot of goodies and offerings that she likes such as roses, whiskey, makeup, honey, cherries, chocolate, alotttt of stuff . Remember she’s a powerful queen you need to approach her with the most respect and always give thanks


I could go into more detail via pm

I’d love to hear it as well! I may need to do that!

I am very interested on this method you speak of. I am also in Texas (fort worth) and my significant other is in Germany. I need a way to bring her to me and It sounds like you have been successful.

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I know you wrote this year’s ago but we’re you already on good terms with your long distance partner ? That makes a huge difference. Would such petition spells work for long distance target that had a rough fall out and in no contact whose involved with someone else?

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Yes . I was on bad terms with him but he came back