Loki's riddle

Loki has given me a riddle to solve
You will travel across the fields, towards the wall, you will find gold and a weilding tool.

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Sounds like he’s sending you to Mexico. Lol

make gold coins is what I want to say but that seems a little obvious

A welding tool would be pretty useless to the average person though cuz they don’t know how to weld, so I guess the answer would be hire a welder or learn to weld yourself.

I give you the end of a golden string
Only wind it into a ball
It will lead you to heaven’s gate
Built in Jerusalem’s wall

Not very helpful but that’s what this reminds me of :slight_smile:

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What I draw from this is simple. On your journey you will stumble upon a obstacle and from this obstacle you will learn something valuable that will seem like gold to you.

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Hey, i’m pretty sure he wants you to solve it though ^^