Loki and the portal to Yggdrasil

Yesterday me and my apprentice came to a abandoned concrete empty building.

With four pillars supporting the roof, at each pillar I drew loki’s name in the runic alphabet, then I drew the four elements underneath.

I evoked Loki to physical materialisation his manifestation was very strange he appeared as a black figure with green flames in his eyes.

His aura was also greenish, he stood inside a black tornado, I have never seen Loki appear in this form.

He relayed to me that I could bring the nine worlds here to our world.

He led me through to opening a portal to Yggdrasil, I was given this incantation a strange language which I cannot identify.

" Sam anta drench seap banor skaka ygg oz loge fera keeki "

Then Loki became the actual portal, the whole rooms atmosphere had a huge critical change.

I looked around the empty room, about 50 entity’s came through this portal.

He told me to look deep inside the portal and I could see the roots of a tree in gold.

Interesting stuff what you think.


That’s it…what happened after looking into the portal??
Did you get hypothesized /OBE/bost of energy ???
What happened :weary:


I can’t discuss that since Loki Asked me not too


Well that was a tease…:smirk:

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u seem to have awesome experiences. i am truly amazed

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Great stuff, man. Your experiences, likewise, are always good to hear/read.

By the way, have you ever encountered the giants of Jotunheimr?

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I have had visions of my future workings with them yes and thanks both.



ever since we opened the portal, the place is thriving with a weird pull of energy, the portal is getting stronger since.


So you actually saw a spirit alien like being appear in front of you like somthing out of a movie?. Why no pictures?.

Really ? are you serious oxygen exists and we can’t see it.

To see a spirit you have to alter you perception as well as altering your consciousness, a camera doesn’t have consciousness and it can’t change its perception.

if it was that easy everybody would be taking out their camera during evocation.


Great stuff man. I’m sure it was a hell of an experience. Would love to try this sometime. I’ve never really worked with Loki though I’m sure he has a lot to offer.