Loki, and some rambling

Having completed my working with the 73 Goetia, I’ve been drawn to the old gods… I did an open calling to Freya 3 nights ago, and saw a lady reaching out her hand to me (astrally), then the next 2 days i felt very sick and tired, guess it took alot out of me calling to her,

then last night used a bindrune to call on Loki & also drew it on my hand. I actually for a split second saw a face try to materialise, which was interesting. Today i definatley felt a new energy, refreshing, but also chaotic… somthing happened to make me really angry, then the garden tap came apart spraying me with water, I felt a mischevous energy and it made me laugh…

I’m hoping to tap into the nature and old pagan spirits on this nw path, but an also having a hard time finding material that is not infused with “bright blessings” and similar spew, or with over tones of christianity.

To me these old rituals wre bloody and primal with noise and blood and raw power… sitting meditating quietly while contemplating the “law of 3fold return” does not sit well!

I am still triyng to reconcile sacrifice without killing animals. i think in this modern world it is all too easy to go to the shop and buy wine to offer with out it actually meaning much… what is £5 or even £20 for a bottle of wine when compared to giving up th life of an animal that your whole village could rely on… so for now, my intent is to spend time creating something meaningful and offering that up… like, for instance, making a shaped loaf of bread from the raw flour, hand kneeding it…or something… early days in a new direction!

so thats my rambling… am very intersted to see where this takes me… after calling the 73, i see moving whisps of light and dark almost all the time… particiarly if i am still and contemplating magic and related… it seems that i get answers, or at least they make movement ot agree with my thoughts or not. i would tihnk myself mad if it were not for the fact that i did not see such things before this working!


Remember that a sacrifice is something that is precious to you given up to Them. In our modern day and age, the usually ends up being time. I’ve been told by the gods that I commune/channel that most of the time, they just want me to pay attention to them–to talk.

There is a difference between a sacrifice and an offering (often they are used simultaneously). And offering doesn’t involve any hardship. I’ve been asked for very simply offerings, but a sacrifice hurts in some way (such as slaughtering an animal that could feel your whole village). I’m not saying don’t make offerings (I give them all the time), but don’t confuse the two concepts.


:smiley: i ended up writing a mammoth post (about 2 a4 pages worth) exploring this and came tothat conclusion!

((tho if my house bunny eats another pair of shoes i might make an exception :smiley: :smiley: ))