Logical Creativity

If you’ve read a few of my posts or know me well enough to recognise my tendency to go into my little world of hypothetical ‘pool of knowledge,’ I am equally surprised and grateful you’ve opened this post. If you’re not as familiar with it - please bear with me while I venture into my Never Never land of trying to marry the logic with magick instead of pitting them against each other. :slight_smile:

Now, to get to the delicious flesh of this post - after taking a few months away from everything and anything social (apart from my standard issue office job. And, well… if you count the crowds of energy creatures of all kinds I’ve worked with particularly close), I’ve come to the point when I’m ready to birth my first egregore.

To get to nitty gritty, I’ve began pondering… If our use of the same candles for evocation and invocation, same sigil we draw once and reuse again and again etc, makes these items dense with magical energy and therefore much more potent when used for said purpose - logic follows that you can apply it for other magical practices.

For example, if I am to create a document that serve as the agreement and catalyst for energy to birth one egregore, why can’t I use a notebook and charge it with intent to create as many egregores as I fancy thus, with each new one, making the previous and future ones more potent, as well as the magick within them stronger? What if I, oh, let’s say… make it a part of the ‘deal,’ the 'first paragraph (both literally and metaphorically) for this notebook, stab stitched parchment, whatever it is you fancy whipping up a lamp, a catalyst, a self serving hub of energy and power? I can make said notebook an egregore to create egregores. There are no limits to what intent and energy can achieve, not really.

If you are to follow this logic, you may get creative with it. You could get a leather cased notebook and ‘tattoo’ or ‘scar’ the skin, as in leather, with sigil(s) you require, imbue (I am ashamed of how much of a video game nerd I am to use that word. No, I lie, not ashamed one bit) the document in any way with words of power. Whatever you please, especially as everyone approaches these things differently. And it tells a lot about you both as a person, and a magician in the way you construct your process.

I’m not going to go on here, as otherwise this post will be long enough to fail at getting a printing deal (you know, because ‘haha it would be as long a s a book’? No? Not even a giggle. Oh well). :slight_smile: Therefore I will ask of your opinion on this issue - if you’re willing to share. :slight_smile:


Everything vibrates, everything is made of energy, spirit is pure energy so therefore, everything can contain its own spirit as each has its own nature and energetic patterns. It you attached a servitor to the book to allow it to take on more energy after each and every subsequent entity you added to it then the book could become a powerful Grimoire of entities for specific purposes.

Get as creative as possible with the formation of this books spiritual force and it would possibly serve you well in intensifying the entire contents as you slowly full it up with your own spirits. It’s a great idea and a magnificent altar piece for your rituals with these entities > the accumulated power within the pages would certainly add to your magical operations in general.

Agreed - this was conceived authentically in the matrix of your own mind, from the various influences that went in there, that to me says it’s worth pursuing and will work for you.