Location, location, location

Hello again everyone! I am building a map of where my contacts are, in the US and outside of the US as well. The ONLY thing I use it for is to graphically represent where my contacts are. I use it for my business contacts and also my amatuer radios (HAM radio) contacts are and as I speak with new contacts, they all get a colored push pin- a different color for each different type of contact.

Maybe its a comfort blanket or maybe its something that falls within the realm of my ego, but, I do not think that way- I simply like to see where my contacts are and showing my growing my network. There is no obligation to provide me with you location, I’m cool with that as well.

I look at the map constantly for reasons that are really personal to me. If you’ve read my intro to the forum and to the website of BALG, you might understand why I like doing this.

Thank’s everyone! It truly is a big help to me, no one see’s it other than me, so it is kept private and I’ll never show or share the info provided.

Have a great morning y’all! Much obliged, and much love!

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So your asking people for their Location? Or am i just interpreting this wrong lol

I think that my idea wasn’t one of my better ideas… But I DO have pins up on a wall map for my business so I can see it grow. DIfferent colors for the business categories, but in this case, I think it would be better for everyone if I just take that post down. We value our privacy, and with all the hacking going on in places like Experian (they got me twice)… So for the better of everyone, it will be taken down.

I couldn’t take it down, but I flagged my post as inappropriate

I do have one question though- Did I break any forum rules? Let’s not get all Facebook or Twitter crazy like what we’ve seen in the media, I just would like to build on my map of connections. I do it for my business and my ham radio contact. Its always great to know where communications come from, BUT, if anyone suggests it’s in bad taste, a privacy issue or just plain wrong, let me know so I can use that policy in future posts. Additionally, I would never sell or transfer anyone’s area ( geographically) or address period. Privacy is paramount to me. I’ve been a victim of Experian twice now, so I can definitely understand issues of privacy, but I see much worse posted on here, and in free speech.

Let’s see what people say about his in the forum…

You’re not breaking any rules, though it is very odd and perhaps a bit suspicious to be asking to know the locations of other members when you haven’t even been a member here for a month yet.

Have you tried searching the forum? There are threads where people have posted their location looking for fellow practitioners in their area, so you can use that information if you want to as those members have already freely given their location publicly.

Like here: