Locating ancient lost obects

I was just curious about something. I was wondering if through working with spirits and by soul traveling, if it would be possible to locate ancient lost objects and buried cities and lost treasure… And other things like these 100 different things in this link,

I think it would be possible its just that it would take quite a while to ever find things like that.

Just a random idea that popped into my head.
Any thoughts?


Nothing else has worked so why the heck not!

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Never thought of it, id try

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That is what i thought.

Yes, it is possible. Very possible.

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Yes. But $$$ required to retrieve stuff.
A djinn told me the ancient recipe for soma and how to make it. So why not…


All very true comments… I will look into it.

You mean money?

Well, what I understood this ancient lost objects to be isn’t about recipe alone but treasures (buried and lost), Kingdoms that are home of treasures but buried by desert sand, lost books, forgotten knowledge, etc

Money isn’t needed for any of that but time. And even talk of the recipe for Soma, if it’s something I’m interested in, believe me, I won’t spend a dime, Spirits will provide everything.

In all of this the Occult level of the Sorcerer/Operator matters alot.


I know something made using serpents, is it similar ?

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:slight_smile: ok…

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what is soma?