Local Legends

I live in a pretty “haunted” area. There are tons of ghost stories surrounding the area.

One about a woman who roams the woods of an are that’s now a historical landmark, but was one an original settlement site. There are multiple versions of the story. The one they tell kids at school, that she was held hostage and interrogated by a group of men in search of treasure that was buried in the area. Supposedly she was the last living soul to see it, and they decapitated her when she refused to give them its location.

The less PG version tells that she was brutally beaten and raped before being decapitated.

They all have a common factor though. She was decapitated, and who ever the men were they seemed to be convinced that there was something here that they wanted. Badly.

Another about a man who was killed while working at a lumber mill… He was pushed into a wood chipper, or some kind of saw. Again, there are multiple versions of the story. But it happened over a century ago, so it’s been changed over time. I still haven’t gotten my hands on the original.

What’s even more interesting is that every year there are at least 3 missing persons cases that occur along that very highway. Almost always due to vehicle failure, and almost always within a 4 km distance of that old lumber mill. It’s still standing to this day, and everything is in tact. The equipment, the beds, the pots and pans in the kitchen… It’s like they just up and left and nobody’s been there to move anything since.

I used to think ghost stories were just that… Stories. Until just over a week ago. Me and my father were out walking the trails, and he stepped away to take a piss. I felt the air around me go cold, which as you can guess is extremely weird for the time of year. Even in Canada lol. Cold to the point where my hair stood on end and I could see my breath. So I looked around, and then I saw her. Right in the middle of the trail, not 10 feet from me.

She was paler than anything I’ve ever seen. She was wearing nuns robes, minus the hood. She was beaten and bloody, and her robe was dirty and torn. Now, in the stories they say she roams the woods looking for her head. But anyone who’s every claimed to see her said she had no head.

This wasn’t the case. She had her head on her shoulders, only you could tell it had been severed from the rest of her body. There was this dark, bloody ring all the way around her neck.

One more thing. The blood wasn’t red. It was almost a black color.

I think I’m going to dig a little deeper.

There’s another one that’s pretty close to me. Like within walking distance. There was this old drunk who shot his wife and kids, before blowing a hold in the back of his own skull.

Seems pretty normal, except for the fact that he decapitated a Rottweiler and nailed it to the front door with a rail spike.

Anyone who ever gets ballsy enough to go into the house runs out scared shitless. And they all say the same thing. Furniture gets thrown around, doors open and close, cupboards, etc. And it gets cold… To the point where they get goose bumps and can see their breath.

The big one that I want to look into is a fire. It engulfed our entire city. The fire jumped the water… There were no bridges at the time, so it doesn’t seem possible. The distance from one side of the river to the other is over 5 km. I’ve never heard of fire stretching that far.

I just have a few questions for anyone who’s ever dealt with ghosts before…

Do spirits really cling to things? Like remains, or personal possessions.

Say it’s true, that the men really did burn her body and bury her head somewhere. Would there be a way to find it?

Last question. Can I kill them? Well not kill them… You can’t kill what’s already dead. But you know what I mean. Can I make them go away?