LOA, which method works best?

In Law of attraction which method works best? Holding that Image/intention in your mind till it manifests ( And I know if U R panicking inside about the result it won’t work, I am talking about holding it with a calm mind ) or Doing the visualization, with feeling - sending the intention out and then forgetting about it?


There’s really no difference, and it really depends on where you are and what kind of resistance you have. LOA isn’t something that can be simplified into one linear set of steps. The best thing to do in general is to bring yourself into resonance with the feeling of your goal. You can’t really go wrong there.

But also don’t fall under the delusion that this desire will fix anything for you or make you feel better somehow. It won’t. I fell into this trap just recently, and it really doesn’t work.

The LOA is more about overall happiness, and then you’re in a place where all the things you want can come to you.


I see, I thought the main thing in LOA is 1- using all the 5 senses and to feel/imagine etc of the end result, TO BE THERE and 2- make sure there is no resistance against it and don’t think/feel etc against it afterwards.

I Guess it comes down to the two contradictory aspect of mind/magick as 1- Only when you say fuck it of forget it about it it starts to happen and 2- Only when you REALLY want it, with a desire of animal instinct, and you think about it is it, it happens.

I think the 2nd one isn’t within the field of magick, it more works in non-magical scenarios.

Hmmm, don’t know what is that. May be have to look into it.

There are as many techniques as there are LOA teachers. The teachings of Abraham-Hicks resonates with me the most. I don’t agree with everything 100% but I think they get it the closest. And they never tell you to visualize in great detail, with great emotion, or any of that. Nor have I done that to get any of the results I’ve gotten in my life.

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Right now I’m practicing affirmations like for example “I’m blessed, lucky, healthy…”. I believe they’re also fine, after a while I’ll probably read again The science of being great, I’ll check the Kybalion etc.

Abraham Hicks has the best methods/teachings, ime. I recommend reading their books and watching their YT videos, and applying their teachings and methods daily. The thing I really like about them is that their teachings are very simple and super-clear of anything that would muddy the waters, so to speak.

BTW I’ve been applying their teachings daily for a few years now. The first 18/24 months was rough because I had to unlearn certain ways of thinking, and I was in a very tough situation. I’m still learning now, but I’ve gotten better at it. I consider the daily practice a lifelong thing. Not something you dabble in for a while.


What about … THE SECRET?

Law of attraction… yeah i’ve watched it. Seems like with this you make creation on tour own without spirits. More powerful than daemons, spirits, angels, or ancient gods. Seems we have the power to create anything. This seems quite similar to the book i was led to read in many.

I’d like more input on this. Did my ex use LOA as well? She was a damn psychologist and analyst as well as an occultist. Maybe i destroyed all the works of hers prematurely.

During the first book and video it came with I saw little or nothing of LAW OF OPPOSITION.

And then there is karmic debt? Seems some of these ideas don’t meld well with each other.

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The breakdown that below the universe-galaxy-world-body-cells-atoms----is energy. Ok… energy isn’t so much described except as something that can’t be created nor destroyed but simply is. Seems unproven as how is there x amount of energy then? Static doesn’t seem to fit. It make infinite … finite.

Hmm, have to look into LOA in a serious way, but managing time is a fucking problem. Have so many things in the bucket list.

Anybody knows some nice books?

Neville Goddard.

No problem. When you start reading Neville, time stops and everything else gets delayed lol


Are you looking for general Law of Attraction books or topic specific like money or love?

Have you ever heard of Daimoku?
It’s a sort of Buddhist mantra that people will recite for 1~2 hours while visualizing whatever it is they desire, results are known to come with faith, however, this practice has been kept to very few Buddhist lines, mainly the ones branched from Nitiren Daishonin, a monk from the 12th century, daimoku’s words are simply “Nam-myoho-rengue-kyo”, which of I’m not mistaken is the name of the Sutra of Lotus in either ancient Chinese or Hindi, I can’t recall which one right now.
If you have access to a Gohonzon, all the better.

But then again, when it comes to the LOA, it all comes to faith, cleaning out your limiting beliefs and pumping yourself up to the highest mind state you can reach from where you are right now.

Ps.: if you search Daimoku on Youtube, you’ll find many videos of people teaching how to recite it


Mainly those which can give instant result, like Reade one where u create a habit of - what ever u do u say ’ now I am doing this ’ and after a time when it becomes concretized and goes into deeper level of subconscious mind u can say ’ now I will get xyz for dinner ’ and within few hours u will find that the dish which is for dinner.

I think I gave a very similar meditation a year ago.

I want something which doesn’t take much time to manifest.

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If that’s what you want, follow what people suggested in here, Abraham Hicks is one of the best options I can think of right now :slight_smile:

Also, Jungian shadow work

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