LOA where I went wrong:

I was manifesting before I knew it was a thing. In hindsight I’ll share some things I wish I knew then.

  1. learn to visualize in first person. This is what prevented me from winning my tournaments. There’s plenty of info on this online so I encourage you read up on it.

  2. ignore the outside world. In HS, I trained several times a day, I felt stronger BUT the people in my school would always laugh at how skinny I was and how they’d take me in a fight this destroyed my confidence which in turn threw me out off alignment. Had I walked in faith like Neville Goddard did, I’d be very successful. Seriously read up on Neville’s work.

  3. Negativity from outside influences. Shield daily and call on your guides to protect your manifestations if you’re just starting out.

  4. You get what you ask for. In hindsight I wanted girls to be attracted to me and it worked but I’d often just not approach those who showed interest or do it in a poor way. So yes they took interest but I didn’t ask for a relationship / hook up so I got what I asked for.

  5. stop believing that everyone is your enemy. This really does manifest believe it or not. I manifested fights with my mother as opposed to her letting me go out freely. When I stopped imagining fights with her, our relationship became healthy.

  6. You can manifest bad things too.

  7. Some manifestations take years. That’s my case with my guitar and Aunty’s divorce (her husband was a prick)