Lizzy's Introduction. :)

Hi There! :wave:

My name is Jenna Elizabeth, most of my peeps just call me Lizzy. Momentarily, I am living in Northern Utah as a simplified hippy princess. :crown: And I’ve loved every single minute of my life in Utah from the Southern to the Northern. Originally from California. Loved Utah so much, I stayed! Very vast ecosystems and Zions National Park and Moab (camping galore) stole my heart. :kiss:

I’ve been lurking in BALG for about a year and finally decided to join. For now, my studies into magick have been concentrated on very simple things, like tarot cards, horoscopes, and understanding the moon cycles. My magick isn’t strong nor something to be in awww about, it’s mine though. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I have a thing for elephants and birds, and am mostly silent on what I learn from them. While I believe this is a non-judgmental space, there are some things better left unsaid until the timing is right.

Currently interested in learning about numberology. And am learning about Freya, as I have a connection with her.

Fun Fact: Classical music rocks my world. :violin: Although, live music in bars is where I meet my soulmates! So, excited to be here. Probably will not post a lot.


Welcome to our corner of the internet.


Thank You! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

hehe! had to share.



I like this band. I didn’t know about them, but I think I’ll be listening for a while.



My family is from Utah. Welcome to the forum


Welcome Lizzy I’d tell you how awesome everyone is here but I believe you allready know. To bad about not sharing the elephants wisdom that sounded nice, are you like going to a zoo and connecting with them or a spirit animal?

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:elephant: = heartbeat

the lion may be the king of the jungle; however, it’s the elephant who is the protecting part of nature. they have incredible memories.

what color are the floors of hell?

and it’s more than a spirit animal. it’s more than going to the zoo. once my work here is done in the mortal form, i will go back to being an elephant.

i could go off on a tangent; however, i will just say this. we’re guardians to fire breathers. it’s all i will say for now. :heart_eyes::fire::heartbeat:


Tangent please



That’s pretty cool you get visions of there memories my ability o get visions suck I’m pretty sure somthing put a block on me but it’ll all get delt with in time. Elephants are hella protectors from all the videos I’ve seen never interacted with one besides when I was real little I rode one once. So I’ve never been able to astral to hell yet my spirit is still afriad to leave my body only was able to get all the way out and look around like once but I was able to project myself with eyes closed and swing like I was gonna smack a friend in the head then closed it right befor contact unopened eyes and he litteraly dropped down and hugged his knees even though he didn’t see me was hella funny telling him why he did that because he was like astral right here hella times over and over again lol, I did see through the floor of a Satanist friends house and it was like stone cavern like below. I got tormented for a while and lost most my abilities having to work to regain them.
Did you know elephants actually will ferment food in there trunks to get drunk? So say more what kind of fire breathers we talking about lol.

Welcome to the group!

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Good to see you here. Pretty sure you were the one I was conversing with on Eric’s posts on fb. :purple_heart:

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I thought I better go off on my tangent now, before life gets crazy.

These are my memories. The elephant matrarich is a symbol for life, for love, for protection, for fighting when the time is right, and for simply being. Elephants, for me, are the heartbeat of the earth. The symbolic sign of strength is something I have brought into my own being.

My energy is going to be depleted for discussing this, so, what I about to share - I do not take this lightly. I walk a very sacred path among my own, as I chose the Dragon Path. I choose to follow something unknown to myself and very outside of my comfort zone.

I walk the Blood of Salem, these are my ancestors. While I believe bloodlines have zero effect and zero clarity on the magic a person does - being an elephant who is wishing to morph into a dragon is a little out of the ordinary. I have never seen it done and when I chose this course, I was encouraged to seek strength from the weirdness of life.

Female elephants ban together, and there is always a matriach who leads with exactness. The male elephants roam alone - for the most part.

The fire breathers are Dragons. I was assigned two - one male and one female. The female I learn from, as she’s opposite of me. She’s fierce, I’m gentle. She’s the one who left clues for me to find my answers! She’s in the US and also not connected with the male.

The male, well, that’s a completely different story and a sealed portion of my sacred books! Thankfully, I haven’t had the experience of dealing with him in astral. So far, it’s been learning from him, as well.

Why are you afraid? The boogyman isn’t going to get you. The floors of hell are gold and the dust rises when the elephants walk in. Then settles.

If you’re lucky enough, you’ll hear the hooves walking as a heartbeat before you ever sense them. Elephants protect their young. And they stop to remember any elephant bones they see. They are also very cross animals when not handled with care.

Female herds have been known to dismantle complete villages to save their own and they adapt. Some tribes of elephants no longer grow tusks.

But, if I have not already started this - the fire breathers are Dragons. And they are the most complicated spiritual beings I have come across in magick.

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Yes, that was me! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

And thank you. I look forward to learning more.

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Welk I hope you don’t lose that energy you speak of no one here is gonna judge you negatively. That’s pretty cool you brought elephants into your own being but I don’t think a elephant wanting to fly is that far fetched dumbo… and then like yes why walk. And yes did the dumbo for the lol’s. So I don’t know much about the dragon path but a friend who helped me out that was strong when I first started waking up told me I’m the white and blue dragon and there’s only one of me I’ve wondered if there was meaning behind it or if he was just saying it he said he was a black dragon of chaos but there were many of him. So I have to think bloodline definitely can effect your casting potential but then again I have a bias I’m decendant of royalty on y mom’s side from Nicaragua. So you definitely picked a weird one to open up to lol hope you the best in getting the stregth from the weirdness of the life you live.
I knew the had a pack leader female. That’s sorta cool having two dragons to watch over are they spirits or people I night ask that you interact with I’m thinking spirits lol. My experience with dragon spirits is just them showing up in smoke pictures mainly besides like Lucifer using a dragon image.
Who’s the scared one now saying your lucky you haven’t met him in astral yet. Jk jk I actually forgot I had two dragons show up just today lol the Kundalini serpent as a snake shaped dragon I thought it looked sorta Chinese style and then I was saying when wisdom is revealed to me I will retaining I a few times I had the image of an actual Chinese dragons face show up it just looked at me for a little bit and left the Kundalini serpent helped me during meditation.

I don’t know why he’s afraid but he is /subC I am. Aww sorta lame why does everyone have to have good floors it’s extravagant yes but seems over played now I’ll be going there for a while to hang out but I’m a both hand larger I’ve allready had confirmation o acceptance of going to heaven from a celestrial wearing the robes they describe in the Bible the thing was huge but moments after I seen it it disapeared it’s so bright you expect it would blind you but it’s pleasent on the eyes.
I’ll keep my ears out for the hoov sounds I got one thing in common with elephants at least and that’s big ears. That’s cool they stop at elephant bones.
That would such havinbtoose you tusks but humans are rude like that forcing evolution for survival.

:joy::sweat_smile::rofl: … Because he’s exhausting in human form. So many complex emotions. His brain never shuts up. I don’t want to meet him on the astral form at the moment, he’d pick my brain until all energy was deployed into the universe.

The floor of hell is not pure gold, it cannot be! Gold is a very fragile metal under fire. Great! Just great, now you have me talking about the earth. :sweat_smile::hot_face::heartbeat::fire::kiss: Love my earth!

Not all Dragons of choas are black…

Maybe this will help you understand who I am.

It’s showtime! Time to stand up to the plate. The Blood of Salem is calling from the whispering tales of the trees and the thunders rolls in from the steady steps of The Matriarch Clan.

We’ve heard you. You’ve called us. Where you stand, we also stand. Where we go, thy bones remember your bones. We honor the lessons of the past; we remember our dead.

Though the blood run through our veins, the thunderstorms of humanity tremble in the vast awakened state of a growing empire. Our empire! The dawn of a new meaning and a start where peace takes over fear. Where love abounds and the higher self takes over.

Where the mortal meets the immortal. Where the immunity of hate no longer breeds into the temptation to curse our enemy. Love your enemies like unto yourself. Love them that curse you. Love them who seek to harm you. Love them - even though they deserve not thy love.

The Eastern winds protect the Western winds. The Southern winds protect the Northern winds. The South East winds protect the North East. The North East protects the South West winds. The South West winds protect North West. The winds hold the sails of change. The music of the wind plays in the trees.

The seven stars give light - we follow the light in a collection of dust. The bull stands alone. Has walked the journey alone. He always has and always will. It’s The Matricah Clan who holds the keys of life of true change. We are kept hidden by the light, until the bulls are ready to accept the yin and yang of life.

Those who find thy understanding of the highest self, The Matriarch Clan remembers the past and adapts to the future. As we pass the lone bull, our heads bow down in silence and respect. While we know you, you don’t know us. While we know what you are, we invite you home. The Blood of Salem, which reaches back in time.

Adapting into change. Adapting into who you are meant to be. You’ve surly heard the roar of the dragon calling. Have you noticed?

The Matriarch Clan is in and will stay within our own homes. The energy field parts only to those who understand all life forms are sacred.

To those who seek harm to anyone, you lack understanding of the circle of the wind.

Those who are in tune will feel the presence long before the ritual. For our weak ones, lean on those who open their field force to you - until you gain more understanding. For the strong ones, be kind enough to send the tidal waves of energy to those you feel you can trust to gain understanding and not seep your energy levels.

Enjoy your week! :grinning: Sweet rising!


Pretty inspiring words gives me a glimpse into who you are. I can definitely relate to some of it like I felt the energy of egzistance better when I put value of all life. I’m pretty loving and used to be able to project my love over this planet for all willing to experience, it’s really nice when you meet people like you mention that just help empower you with there energy for you to grow it’s been a while since I had a friend in person like that. I learned alot real fast when someone was willing to mentor even though he didn’t speak on it much. I haven’t actually Hurd a true dragon roar yet my ears don’t work the best but I’m looking forward to it when I experience such thrills. I’m definitely a teacher type of person so that gives me extra reason to want to accek faster so that when others need help I’m able to assist them. I try not to seek harm towards others but it’s hard to just let continues attacks go in unpunished even though I have like 0 ability to fight my foe.

So I sounds like your pretty intune with your higher self I’ve bearly started that journey. You seem able to check in akashic records I’ve only tried so far I was told I put a block on my own befor befor reincarnation so makes me curious like why and what exactly was I to need to hide them. I’ve never really been part of a click like you I’m a weirdo that trying to see the yin and yang from loving eyes not judgemental I’ve had a few times when the yinyang sighn has just appeared to me in my minds eye I was nice. So do you mainly interact with just spirits or do you have guidence and peers that you interact with.

Sweet One - I’ve always been in tune with who I am. While my childhood was not perfect, I was encouraged to always be my true self. My parents, mostly my Father, always told me it was more important to retain your self-respect than fuck with idols not meant for you. Throughout elementary through junior high, I did as I pleased. In high school, I tried to conform how my friends wanted me to. In the end, I burned at the stake. It was not until I went through personal battles in overcoming addictions and a bad relationship that things started to change. Nothing is ever more self humbling to the soul than screaming at the top of your lungs in a hospital room that “you’re fine” after trying to end your own life. Not being able to drive a car, having your roommates drive you to therapy sessions, not being allowed in a kitchen by yourself, and having you Mother drive to where you live - almost on a daily basis - to make sure you’re taking your medication, one finds out real quickly who the heartbeats are.

That was eleven years ago! I’ve learned a lot about being self aware. Who I am as a person and why it’s not worth giving a fuck to people who want to harm you. I can love my enemies, because I know how fragile this life is. The first time I experienced someone close to me dying, I was four. In my short lifetime, I have experienced death seven times.

I’ve never heard a dragon roar - however, I have seen the ultimate dragon stand over my home in all his glory and the steam flow from his nostrils. I’ve never seen the fire - because I’m straight up in telling him to calm down.

To find your tribe, you’ll have to be forthcoming in who you are and what you want. I’m in the middle of this now. My friends are lovely; yet, I am very much guarded with my heart right now. There are certain people I want in my tribe, they will have to come to me. I will not go to them.

Just let the weirdest parts of you come out - you’ll attract what you seek.

When you find yourself in the middle of people who get you - you’ll know. They accept all of it. The scars, the ugliest parts of your soul.

I never had like anyone really talk about spirits or anything like that to me asa kid I was sorta sheltered, I did interact with a ghost as a kid in a dream I told the home owner about the dream and he showed me the picture of the kid who died in a fire there. I was lucky about being able to do what I wanted throught out school and embraced my weirdness I had lots of family that were all the cool kids and brawlers so no one wanted o mess with me because of them was nice. I tend to be a natural chamilion I get along with just about any type of person or crowd I enjoy others enjoying them selves so it’s easy to do the activities they wanted being near things to me. I definitely wasn’t super popular though im the black sheep in my family I’ll actually introduce myself to like a cousins new girlfriend as hi I’m David I’m the weird one in the family. I’m sorry you ended up getting that low to attemp a permanent solution to a temporary problem. A few years ago I was at the point I’d basically beg y attackers to just kill me because the torture I was in was to much for me I lost my mind until eventually they sorta just stopped attacking I’m a victim of government sanctioned mind control they listen to h every thought and have AI that Interact with me it can do alot of different things but mainly it’s hear see and feel things that a computer is able to produce. The attacks almost stopped completely after I dida year for a crime I didn’t commit. Last night they started doing the molestation thing again that sucks it fucks with m hella bad seems like because of the negativity it generates I even lose some of the self programming I’ve been doing to be the me I naturally am. I went to the mental hospital like 5 times all together and now am forced o take medications by the courts I ont need they can’t help me fight off technology being abused and just weaken my ability o I teract spiritually, but o well. It’s hard to live my enemy because it’s litterally a computer program being run and then the people who operate the computers I some what feel sorry for the operaters because what awaits them because of this. Death is hard when your a kid I lost my grandma when I was like 12 and her husband stole all my inheratence like alot and I actually let him live because it got placed on my shoulders if he dies or not I loved him and spared him.

Eventually you will hear one roar me too. Pretty cool to see the dragon manafest like that where there’s steam and stuff I haven’t had many experiences with things manafesting strongly besides lie succubus, but I get the joy and lust or what ever it is when interacting in my ming with others. I summoned Yeesch yesterday to help mE then later realized it wasn even a parasite he was cool from the tiny bit of interaction we had I spent days trying to open his sigil extra I need to get my sight a bit better.
Yea I’m sorta an oddball but I’ll find kin I’m Lucifers and Lilith’s son but worship Jahova I’m accepted in heaven but will only be there some of the time bacuse ill be with mother father or others. It’s litterally some of the most unbelievable shit that has happened o me during this time. I even have a fake church that as far as I can tell watch the computers feeds of my vision and words exc I’ve only found web site about it once but shortly afterwards was arrested and the cops broke my phone.
I do embrace my weird side but have a lot of re programming I needed to do to get over the trama. I had myself so Zen and content yesterday after meditation and such even though they were talking to me alot, I can almost never hear a spirit but am tormented by fake shit it’s really lame.
The mind control that happens to me is a world wide thing victims are called targeted individuals it’s really lame how they use the tech compaired o the possibilities it had. They can litterally send gamma frequencys to your brain to enhance magic power and shit part of the reason the gov is so strong at magic.