Living the same thing over and over again

Hi everyone, I created this topic to search for an answer from someone who has more experience than me and might be able to shine some light on the problem.

The whole circumstance is very simple, although I have been putting in a lot of effort and changing a lot of negative things about my personality and my life in general for over six years now, somehow I always keep finding myself in the same kinds of situations over and over again.

And this is not by any means an exaggeration, down to the last, most minute detail the situations are an exact copy of one another over the span of years.

I don’t understand why this is happening and it’s deeply puzzling. But one thing I know for sure, it’s like no matter what I do I can’t seem to break this cycle and I always end up right where I started. It’s holding me back tremendously from evolving.

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If things are repeating, some might say it’s because you haven’t ‘learned the lesson’ they are trying to present. Another (perhaps part of the same) possibility is that you are continuing to attract the same cycles in life. Something is keeping you in a cycle and it’s you.

I suggest that you consider how these repeating cycles make you feel and decide if that feeling is something anchoring you to the past and therefore into the repetition. You could also do some meditations for releasing the past and karmic cycles or releasing the ‘lessons’ and/or ideas that keep showing up. Additionally, you can use some divination techniques to see what this is about, personally for you, or speak with an entity/spirit if you’re into that.


Does simple and mantra meditation work for releasing the past and karmic cycles? Because that’s what I’ve been doing daily for over a year and a half now, even my Kundalini got activated four months ago. That healed childhood trauma so deep that I never thought it could be healed.

I am aware of how the repeating cycles make me feel and it’s definitely related to how I’ve felt in the past, childhood years once again. Though in the days that are normal these emotions don’t affect me, I only face them when said cycles repeat.

I know what you’re going to say, that the cycles come so I have to face these feelings and there’s my lesson, only that it’s not so simple. All I’ve been doing until now is face them but every time the situation repeats itself the wound gets even deeper and the only way, at least that I see, for the feelings to stop is if the cycles stopped repeating.

One last thing, you said that there might be a possibility I continue to attract the same cycles in life. Could you elaborate on this? It would really help If I at least had an idea of how I’m doing this.

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I’d like to add that you’ll continue to see the same situations over and over again until you begin to respond differently to it. I have alot of experience with the exact same phenomenon. For me when I catch it and I say…hmm this looks exactly like that other time…

This time surprise the universe and make a different choice.

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I’d look into Neville Goddard or Joseph Murphy.

Sounds like you might have some deeply-held beliefs. What is impressed must be expressed. If you can change your way of thinking, you should see a change in outer circumstances.

Good luck :four_leaf_clover:


Ive been there in the Groundhog Day scenario before.
The only way out is through, meaning you have to allopw yourself to face whateveer self limiting beliefs you have, any past trauma youve had to endure.
Most of all, put your dukes up and move forward through it.
Also, someone presented an interesting theory, sort of time travelish, on layering small things that can be done to “assume”, as in a sense, a godform, of yourself as the finished product, while the details are somehow magically worked out.

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Mantras work really well for some people, I think they’re great sometimes too. But like you’ve guessed, I see the only way to break a cycle as learning from it and moving on. It seems like you’re quite afraid of whatever feelings are tied to this/these situation/s for you. Personally, my belief is that the things you’re scared of tend to reappear in life especially when they’re consciously on your mind.

Maybe others have advice on healing and moving on without confronting the cause of the issue, but I don’t.

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