Living imagination

As in the title. How can I get to living imagination or magical imagination, because every time i am trying to visualize it is not clearly.

Is there an actor/actress, model, musician, sports star, other person you’ve never met in real life that you find attractive?

Can you imagine them talking to you, kissing you, hugging you?

If so, congratulations - you just unlocked your creative imagination! :slight_smile:

(If not, try - it’s fun and you won’t get bored!)

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Something I found helpful was opening my third eye to increase the lucidity of my imagination. Here’s a technique that I wish I had when I opened my third eye.

Imagine that there is a mouth in the location of your third eye. Now, start breathing through this mouth. After a bit, you should start to feel the chakra. Keep doing this daily until you succeed.

I can right now, as I type this, imagine detailed castle interiors; visualize a crowd of people speaking to one another, each having their own conversations. My imagination is detailed and vivid. This is what you can obtain.


But are you able to hold that image without loosing on clarity ?

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Yes, not indefinitely of course, but long enough.

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Picture a sword.

Detail it as much as you can. Engrave it, color it, etc.

Imagine each detail for a period of time, before working on the whole sword. When you can imagine exactly, with no difficulty, how elegant and masterful or simple and plain the sword is (even if its normal, try to add chips and scratches to it to test yourself), try to feel it.

When you can feel the sword in your hand, swing it and feel its weight (and in rare cases actually perceive the physical object), not only have you unlocked your “living imagination”, but you have overcome the first true barrier to projection, and if you manage to create a semi-physical sword, you’ve also started on the path to manifesting.


Is it really that easy? because I am also having major problems with this and would need all the help I can get

It’s a very good start, passion makes it fun instead of just trying to visualise random objects.

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Definitely with you on that, but to bring more clarity to my question how does one go about to activate living imagination in the afterlife self hypnosis exercise from the divination course because I am stuck there for about a couple of months and yet I am still able to enter theta/gamma sync with ease, but the damned mind is what is holding me back because no matter how deep in the sync I am nothing will appear and I have looked everywhere in this forum for answers but nothing seems to help

I haven’t done the course, sorry.

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Lol and gives you something to think about while in the tub :laughing:


Well in that case I will try to describe the exercise as best I can, what needs to be done is firstly to enter the theta/gamma sync and then tune out of the physical world in front of you and enter the world of living imagination to meet with your spirit guide which will give you answers to the questions you have, does it sound familiar with anything that you have done? And if so could you help me get to there as well?

I’d like someone else to please take this because I’m too busy, sorry. :+1:


Patience and persistence are pivotal. Its a life-long path and unlocking abilities and your higher-self is not going to happen overnight. It can take years to fully clear chakra blockages and achieve things such as astral travel. Also, trying to hard will be self-defeating.

Before you even try to open your chakras, you should aura cleanse to acclimate your energy to higher vibrations. This can take a long time but will open you to a lot of things astral and spiritual.

Osho in The Book of Secrets ( 112 techniques ), shows a technique “Focus Attention On The 3rd Eye”. He says that focused at the 3rd eye, if one thinks to kill someone, that thought will immediately become reality.
Of course, most of us do not have the concentration to cause this phenomena to happen, fortunately.
Apparently, according to Osho, this can happen.