Living conditions

I’ve been practicing for almost 4 years now and I have to ask… is this path as stressful and painful as it is for everyone?

Psychotic breaks and meltdowns seem to be the norm for me… is it for everyone else as well?

So far I’ve just sort of assumed so…


What makes you get these? I am curious

Fine, is it normal for everyone to get possessed constantly.

No, it’s not. It sounds like you need to look at your practice. Maybe some more meditation, some banishings to clear the area for you… Exercise and sleep help quite a bit with rebalancing some of these things. Physical reasons aside, you shouldn’t be having constant mental issues, if you’re not pathworking specifically with darker areas. Everyone goes through tough periods and this COVID stuff could be putting just enough pressure to cause some of these things to make it over the flood gate. If it was happening prior to that, then there are other things at play.


I’m not sure to make of this post. Sometimes when we are changing and growing with the assistance of magick the change is swift, uncomfortable and painful. However, 4 years worth of that to my mind is not what I just described. Maybe you need to get some mental help.

I know peoplethat regularly work with so-called dark forces and what you described is not their reality.

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Thank you!

I just needed to confirm that this is not normal!

Anyway I know what’s going on… mostly… “it” makes it hard to think… I’ve only have found 3 other people with this curse… but I just needed a bit more proof that it is definitely to blame…

Maybe I can be normal again when I get Agares to exile it… the pain of this thing is unbearable… You know those movies where you see people possessed? I feel like that everyday… well within reason of course and thankfully it’s not by Pazuzu this time…

Call upon Opfaal, the Angel of Deliverance, from Kingdoms of Flame. He has the power to break any curse, as well as to free the mind from fears and addictions.

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I am not in good standing with the angels… apparently now they don’t like demonic worshipers! I wish they’d make up their f****** minds already!

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They don’t are about that. People do, though.


The angels from Kingdoms of Flame are not like the more well known ones. They are more fiery, and reside in the same kingdoms as the demons in the grimoire.

I work with both demons and angels so I don’t find this to be the case at all (though I wouldn’t call me a demon worshipper; I am not religious toward any spirit).


If we are talking about viewing through different lenses then I get what your going on about but besides that I’ve used the name of the Jewish god before and I got hit by a massive wall of dark grey energy that made half my body go numb… so if it’s anything to do with them I’d rather stay away if you don’t mind…

Nope, the Kingdoms of Flame beings have nothing to do with the Jewish god. As I said, they are closer to the demonic than the usual JCI angels.

But, as always, it’s up to you. It’s just an option.