Live with Me & E.A, Addressing False Accusations!

So with the accusations made against me today from a member of the Black Court Cabal on youtube without providing evidence to back up those accusations, I have decided to do a podcast today with my brother E.A Koetting to discuss these. In this video I will present my side of this story, provide my own actual evidence and make people aware of this situation that is ongoing. I do not take kindly to being falsely accused of theft and fraud especially from people who themselves steal and break the law. I will be providing my own evidence shortly. Join me and E.A live in around two hours 4pm Uk time, for this podcast.


Good luck! :smiley_cat:

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nah you got exposed m8; you’re done /sarcasm

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Just watched the podcast if you need someone to rant to and keep quiet about I’m here for you

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After watching all of this I quite frankly still support the Cabal. They have my wholehearted support still. As EA said Somnus Dreadwood is an incarnation of pure primordial darkness. Their material is good. I’ve had nothing but good experiences with them.

Bottom line is for them to reach the point of agreeing that the will not involve themselves in the other’s business. Although from what other members said Cabal didn’t post anything detrimental or evidence of some sort.

EAs the man :slight_smile:

You may want to watch this as well then. They don’t explicitly mention dreadwood or the cabal, but it is easy to figure out who they are talking about.

Hey asbjorn i decided to buy your books :slight_smile:

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You have my support man :slight_smile:

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Watching EA go beast mode on this “Apostates” nonsense was a nice morning treat. These people are starting to sound like islamic fundamentalists


You are too funny :joy_cat:

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Allahu Cabalbar


You think I haven’t? I’ve been following this more closely than any of you.

I think they should just battle it out and get it over with. Last man standing wins.

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@Eye_of_Ra If this turns to a curse match it’s going to be Somnus all the way. Have you heard EA’s praise of his magickal abillities? Somnus Dreadwood is absolutely amazing. As EA said his material is on a whole other level. Something about being an incarnation of pure darkness if I remember the livestream correctly. A curse war would have a predetermined outcome.

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I dunno about that but Is it bad first thing that came to mind when i read this was the scene from gladiator. “ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED??” one guess who was center stage. :laughing:

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@TheStorm, possibly. I don’t know them tbh, but neither have I seen anything that proves one way or the other.

I know if I’m right or feel I’m right I won’t back down from anyone erregardless of whom they are or are an incarnate of…if I’m going out I’m going out old school both fists swinging.
And I’m not saying anything bad against anyone because I don’t know any of them.
I just know I’m not up for high school drama why make this a whole public affair when it can be settled old school.
Honestly, I was being sarcastic. …but what I say is true.
You wanna know why I was worried over the whole rob me and gun thing…because there are teenagers that work there, and I’ll be damned if anyone is gonna get hurt on my watch. They are babies that need protecting. Now I couldnt exactly say all that with them trying to still catch the mFers
I was at work trying to act normal to not scare them, trying to get protection, and trying to do a job.

I could have totally freaked out and cried to go home. Instead I stood my ground called in the backup and got business done.

That’s also why I went into the lounge with it.

I was attacked by 11 mother fucking magicians back in may, and my happy ass is still standing!:slight_smile:

I fought with everything I had in me …and I will again and again because I will not be pushed around.
Go hard or go home.


Damn right.

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That’s them talking. I like to see action first.

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