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I used Henry Archer ritual to bring back my love
I took help from Loviah and Sallos
I used sentence - “I ask that (name of my girlfriend) feels passionate love for me”
Did ritual today
And I’ll keep updating


Can you write down, what this ritual looks like?

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Have that book coming in few days , waiting for it :slight_smile:

Day 1: No change still she somewhat hates me

I dont know if you are familiar with the DoM book but it somewhat the same.

First you need to look at the sigil of the angels and call forth specific ruling angels in a specific order. Then you need to look at the sigil of the demon and call forth the demon. There are some minor details but that is the gist of the rite.

Well I opend up sigil on my mobile device and I called there names in order

I have the physical copy of Demons of Magick. But I’m not very convinced about calling the right angel before calling a goetic Spirit.

What part are you not convinced about?

The idea that to make Demon or just Goetic Spirit more willing to help you, and to respond for you call is by “forcing” with presence of other beings like in this book, celestials.

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No I dont think that is the setup of this system, however I do get where you coming from. Which is way I dont like and not going to read the lesser key of Salomon. Back to this book, it is not that you are forcing the demons with the aid of the angels.

But it is,

  1. A way to make sure no imposters/parasites/hostile beings can come through during the rite when conjuring the demon.

  2. To keep the demon in check, which will cause a smoother rite.

  3. As way to fully accessing the power of the demon as the angels can ¨guide¨ the power/energy of the demon towards your goal.

Furthermore, I recently had read a thread wherein members were discussing this exact topic. A couple of members mentioned that they had asked the demons directly, if they had a problem with this style of approach and the demons replied they did not cared, and the only thing what was important that they (demons) were summoned to do the work. If the demons do not mind this type of system, who am I to judge?

I will dig up the thread, give me a few minutes

Edit: Got it

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@change - any updates?