LIVE NOW -Who's Listening?

I am at work so I will have to podcast it later. But I can’t wait to hear from my top two occult authors.

It was a good show for sure. It was interesting to hear the highlight on prep. immersion so heavily stressed. I know people talk about it, but I never really looked at it as being almost more important than the ritual.

Between this and the youtube interview he released earlier today he’s completely rewritten my approach to ritual. I’m excited to go and smash down some walls!

It was a decent show with some pretty solid info. I thought the interviewers were kinna weak…other than that pretty solid. The real reason I’m posting this though is just to say every time I hear ppl talk about the BALG movement and what EA is doing I feel super proud and honored to be here and apart of this. This is something extraordinarily special and we are only scratching the surface. I really appreciate EA and all of you.

Is this going to be on youtube? And who are they interviewing?