Little help with succubus

So ive had a succubus for like 3 years and she’s recently started making me feel a slight burning sensation in my lower abdomen, sorta where the second chakra should be. It feels like shes pressing down really hard (without pain, just discomfort. No physical effects bodily effects) and it makes me feel a burning sensation accompanied with sex that makes me wanna just orgasm right there and then. Its real intense. Is this a bad or good thing?

Little bit of a note to add. She is extremely dominant, and has more… thick dark energy (doesnt feel negative just really thick, dark, dominant and sexual)

Did you ask her why she doing that?

Nah, but i feel it may be a side effect of the intense sex tbf lol. Idk.

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Talk to her.Did she come to you alone,or did you write a petition?Does her dominance bother you?

She came on her own i believe. As soon as i started witchcraft tbh. Ever since then shes been with me. Shes dom but also loving so no she doesnt bother me.

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Best idea is speaking with her about those sensations.My succubus is with me six months,but she dont listen me almost anything,and i cant find reason why she behave like this🤔

It could very well be that your succubus is destroying karmic seeds in your second chakra. This prevents events with people in situations from happening. That were fated to happen.

She could also be helping you to get over sexual hangups. Which are based in the second chakra, the sacral chakra.