Little cauldron

I just ordered me a little cast iron cauldron. Your not a witch/magician if you don’t get one. Well, i got it for burning candles so that i won’t burn the house down. haha. I understand using candles for magick as it’s light and energy. Some spells ask to use incense. I don’t like smells so i won’t go that route. U hear of candle spells but not incense spells.

I got me a small size one for candle burning and i can also use it as decoration when not in use. 3 inch circle. image


Controversial :thinking:

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U know i’m being silly. =oP It just makes one feel good to have. Something that is tradition that represent magick of sorts. I can’t fly so broomstick would not be practical. u can also use cauldron to mix stuff. love potion? lol Or use it as pot to offer gifts to demons you work with.

@Lumileno also not going to beijing to meet u. your in the hotzone with the corona virus. That’s one virus friend i don’t need. =o) heck!! i don’t even drink a corona beer.

I also use a cauldron, man. But you don’t need one to prove yourself. It’s your magic that makes you a magician.

and I’d like to @Lady_Eva

that cauldron will help my magick =oP

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They are fun and definitely ‘witchy’. I found a small brass one (about 5 inches in diameter) in a second hand shop. I burn incense sticks to Belial in it, that’s the only ‘practical’ use I have for it.

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Did you purchase that off 13 moons? I just bought one myself this week. A different type, but still cast iron.

Have fun with it, I know I will with mine.

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I got it off good old amazon. @Yazata brass one can’t handle the fire. so be careful if you gonna burn incense coals


It’s also going to be useful to burn sigil paper petition request too so fire won’t go everywhere.

I have 3 cauldrons, all different sizes. The littlest one is almost dollhouse-tiny and ironically it gets the most use.

time to burn the paper voodoo doll with those cauldron =o)

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got my cute little cauldron.!It’s the coolest decoration toy for a magick user. I should carry it around and scare people and tell them i’m a magician on the go. lol… Time to do some magick on it. soon.

Everyone should be this excited when they about to do magick. It helps. :laughing:


I went to thecontainerstore and got me a little jewelry box for the demon rings that will arrive in a few weeks. Gotta organize my rings and pendants. I also saw these cute container.

THey be little and great for spell. One can write on paper one’s petition such as love obsession spell or whatever spell with sigil and lock it up in the jar. Maybe put the voodoo doll paper in there. haha!! U can tell it’s little as it’s not large than my hand.

SPELL in a BOTTLE would be it’s use. =o) or you can throw it in the ocean and hope that you remake your own ‘message in a bottle’ movie to find your love. haha.

Or u can do a curse spell and bury it in their backyard or hide around home. lol Make sure you wipe your the prints in case they find it.