Litter Box

This will contain assorted notes, musings, ramblings, and, miscellaneous things regarding spiritual practice that I myself happen to be using, will be using, was using, or will have been using.

Chakra Associations (Visualization/Contemplation Aid, with appropriate [semi-]precious stones based on their metaphysical properties):
Root - Ruby
Sacral - Topaz
Solar Plexus - Sapphire
Heart - Diamond
Throat - Pearl
Third Eye - Tiger’s Eye
Crown - Black Opal

Elixir Field Associations (Visualization/Contemplation Aid, with appropriate precious metals based on their metaphysical properties):
Lower - Silver, golden core
Middle - Electrum (Silver+Gold mixed), electrum core
Upper - Gold, silver core

Qabalistic ‘Existential Programming Language’ Key:
(Hebrew to Roman alphabet for convenience; Mapping of inherent functions of reality to sound/symbols to produce a key for development of potent power words/spells for personal usage as a mage)
Aleph(A)=Life/Consciousness; Beth(B)=Framework; Gimel(G)=Transfer; Daleth(D)=Transport; Heh(E,H)=Window/Link; Vau(O,U,V,W)=Fixate; Zain(Z)=Balance; Cheth(C,Ch)=Protect; Teth(T)=Guide; Yod(I,J,Y)=Energy; Kaph(K)=Release; Lamed(L)=Nature/Purpose; Mem(M)=Flow; Nun(N)=Generate; Samekh(S)=Support; Ayin(Au,Ay,O,Ng)=Sense; Peh(F,P,Ph)=Transmit; Tzaddi(Tz,X)=Hook; Qoph(Q)=Sub-Process; Resh( R )=Process; Shin(Sh)=Purity; Tau(T,Th)=Form

The 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet can be used as a pre-constructed framework (using sigils ((the letters)), and energetic frequencies ((sound when speaking))) to construct/de-construct every single word, in order to turn everything in to a power-word/spell. Using this framework, one can begin to understand the function/purpose involved in Buddhist/Taoist mantras, Demonic enns, Enochian calls, etc. The 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet traditionally have their own words/symbols associated with them, the present interpretation of the underlying functions of those associations is based on anthropological study of what those things would have meant in a contextual sense to the original users, and a transliteration in to a suitable modern term, with the goal of applying it as a computer coding language, to allow for simplified construction of spells/power-words, tailored to ones needs. There are 14 aspects to the qabballistic tree of life, and 22 aspects to the Hebrew alphabet; 36 aspects, in total. In essence, 36 aspects comprising a singular frozen moment of time in mortal reality. However, time, is comprised of 3 parts— Past, Present, Future. 36+36+36=108. 108 is the sacred number of Eastern cosmology. To structure past, present, and, future, with knowledge of the provided framework, one assumes a complete control over reality itself, and, as such, one has the ability to do what suits ones nature. This is what Dee attempted to do with the Enochian language, but, he re-invented the wheel, while leaving out vital parts. The 22 letters represent 22 mutable dimensions/aspects of reality, the tree of life represents 14 fixed dimensions/aspects of reality, because he lacked access to such things as [computer] coding languages; How you obtain maximum result is when you used both the fixed and mutable to affect change.

Current Primary Mantra:


Finally some cat musings


…I might need glasses…took me this long to figure your avatar is a cat…I thought it was a color swapped black mage from 8 bit theater. :sweat::thinking:


Heading into seclusion to cultivate. Man is a social animal: When deprived of human interaction, man embraces divine interaction. I believe at some point, it is beneficial for us in our ascent, the when varies person to person.

I swear my ascent in the name of Lilith, praise be to Her, Sacred Queen Ruler and Helper.

See you, Space Cowboy.


See you, Space Cowboy cat. May your path be safe :smirk_cat:
Ps: say “Hi” from me to the tribe of Ād, if you come across them. I haven’t forgotten about them.


Beckoning reveries
Borne through eldritch aeons,
Conceived in denuded flame;
Ebon coruscations
Of sublime night
Penetrating, Gathering,
Transmuting, with sublime grace;
Dancing amidst fallen gods,
The Dark Mother calls.


Very impressive.

As of late I have begun working Qlippoth meditation as part my daily regimen. So far, it is complementing the Nine-Syllable meditations & Sephiroth meditations nicely. Mudra, mantra, & mandala greatly aid the process of restructuring, allowing for greater directed energy through the various senses, to empower transmutation. Experimentation of using Nine Symbolic Cuts and seals/sigils is proving highly effective.


Me, stumbling across this thread:


i laughed so hard :joy:
Thank you im having a bad day


Frameworks, points of reference, perceptions— They come, they go. Nothing remains, ever. Nothing, Is. Upon the sea of Nothing, the points of reference emerge as Is perceives Was to calculate Will-Be, before All returns to Nothing. What are we, really? At our core, what are we? Free of frameworks, of identity, of perception, of conception, We Are Infinite Nothing.

Infinite Nothingness Has No Beginning; No Beginning Means No End.