Litany Questions

Okay so I just got done reading the supplement guide before my copy of the Black Book of Ahriman comes in.

I got a couple questions though on it:

  1. Is their a pronounciation guide for the Staots?

  2. What order do you recommend to follow them?
    example; My two priorites at the moment are senses developement and money.
    Saw the Shadow of Jupiter and am deeply interested in it.

3.Anything you would recommend Kurtis?

Greatly appreciate it and thank you


Be sure to READ about the dark staot in the e-book and the Primary text. Pronunciation is not important. It is the artistic expression of the dark staot within the Eternal Moment of Counter Creation. The dark staot is a science yes… and I am glad people take it as such. However proper pronunciation is not an integer within the scientific equation. In regard to “pronunciation” that is the art. In fact try to not consciously READ the staot but instead hook into your purpose for using the specific Litany and express that intent through the expression of the infernal song.

Your mind must be sort of between worlds to do this effectively. It takes practice and devotion to the arte. You will begin to see visions regarding how your sorcery will manifest as this perfect trance state is achieved and the illusion of time is consumed by tapping into the eternal self.

In regard to the order in which these are used… that does not matter at all. These are sorcerous tools which can be applied as needed. Upon continuing this work I have received specific ways for charging these inverse Litanies but those will be revealed later. They are not needed for success in the moment. The process of charging them is really about aligning self with the planetary power for the sake of empowering ones magick through a synergistic alchemical process.

Sometime soon I will recite some of the Dark Staot through my personal channel and post them here for BALG forum members. I am trying to get other video material done as well so be patient.