Litany of the demonic King Zagan

Litany of King Zagan

From the deepest pits
and the highest crowns and thrones
King Zagan is called…
i call you King zagan
King Zagan he who is one of 9 great kings of
the infernal
whose emperor Lucifer sits beside them…

Kindragol + Halsondagor + Palsordal

King Zagan,whose is aslo called Zagam
He who shakes worlds upside down and up
in his calling
King Zagan who makes cooper to gold and gold to cooper

Liftoach pandemonion,Zagan
come from your sphere of tharirigon and da’athn of the qlippothic realms

Kindragol + Halsondagor + Palsordal

King Zagan,feasome vampire,and warrior
and wanderer who rips open the veil…
King zagan who teaches the art of astral combat

Itz ra ka’mola ra’mniola zagana Al zagan eltax9

King zagan,spymaster of the infernal empire
King zagan who changes water into wine
and wine into water,who has the abilities to change perceptions

Anay on ca secore Zagan tasa x3

King zagan eathly king of west and north
he whose zodiac is sargitarious,he whose is attributen
to the sun,black earth and mercury

Anay on ca secore Zagan tasa x3

King Zagan,master that can shield from attacks
King zagan who devors enemies of the qlippoth,Darksome fire of beyond the nightiside
King zagan whose is allways one of the highest divinities of the infernal empire
and that of the abyss

Anay on ca secore Zagan tasax3

King zagan who offers wisdom that is founded
in the deepest tomps at the darkest depths
King Zagan who persues gnosis to those who
look for knowladge of the infernal divine

Zaldae Alzornal Porozdogor Orzondra Saldar x6

King Zagan who specialises at the art
of personal servitors,King Zagan who imparts gnosis
of sorcery that none can optain.

darksome spirit of death
King zagan…come!