Litany of The Dead {For Saturnian Necromancy}

Note: I was randomly possessed by the Dead and was Inspired to write this. Enjoy.

The Litany
Let the Dark Light of Saturn
Illuminate the 32 Steps of the Cross
Let the Dead rouse from the pits of hell beneath
And rise from the Graves and Encircle Me.
The spiritual grid moves in accordance with my Will
And Azrael opens the Gateway of The Dead

Kama’ca dun itzu gon tadat mersca vassu neogtro dun sung-tu’neh
Rakshaka nedu cron massfa tungu Kongo

I call upon the Congo and the Ancestry there in to cast out my humanity within and without.
Shades of the Dead Houngans and Mambo’s, arise! Shee’akalla!

Let the gateway to hell open within
And without
Let Erebus arise and open Da’ath

Isk’hala man Bal tolm, Ish kala man bel tohm.

So it is done


What should it be used for?

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That’s awesome brother I would like to do necronmancy but I have no really reason to do but I hope one day that I will
Keep in mind that in necronmancy I am a complete noob and I don’t what to do with those powers and use them


I’ll write a post on that later my man. It’s alot of gnosis to cover :ok_hand:

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Ok this is synchronization you ask baron and az juhi teach me necromancy it pops up all over thank you

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Great :star_struck: