Litanies of Chaos

What is Chaos but the birth, the death, and the rebirth of order.

Chaos is naught but the prelude and the epilogue.

Within its tides all things come to pass for it is the perfection of the natural laws and cycles. The base for all order and the power that the masks of laws make into order for the minds of those that look upon it.

Here I present a rather unique approach to magick that I am rather fond of, an interpretation and set of beings that while supposedly fictional I have found more real and powerful to me than many of the gods, demons, and angels that are traditionally worked with.
Now there are many theories or causes that can be given for this when broken down but I am going to do something different and not bother with that rather you should find your own truth and mythos to these beings and their existence. Instead I shall explain them and their combined path and how it reconciles with more seemingly ordered and strict paths to combine into its own unique supporting truth.

I talk here of the Gods of Chaos in all their myriad forms my favorite being those beings and powers drawn from the Warhammer and 40k universes but they are also drawn from the lore of the Lovecraftian beings such as Cthulhu and drawn from the seas of Oblivion and the Elder Scrolls in the form of the Daedra and Aedra. There are many more sources one can use for all things are embodied and given form and life in Chaos. This is to me the unifying path of Chaos magick but I shall deal primarily with the four beings of Khorne, Slaanesh, Tzeentch, Nurgle, and of course the power of the Immaterium itself.

First to explain what are to me the four prime gods of Chaos.

Khorne Lord of Slaughter

Khorne is the embodiment of animal rage, blood lust, and competition. He is the Blood God and Lord of Skulls and represents violence and rage. He is part of the base forces of nature dealing with all things of violence and blood but also contest and competition. He deals with the emotions that inspire such. Emotions such as rage, anger, hatred, jealousy and dominance. Through his power these aspects are turned loose and directed to conquer, destroy and slaughter. They can also be turned however to a powerful driving force of physical perfection and success in physical competition. Care must be taken however for turning it to other fields leads into the power of Slaanesh, desire and passion and tends to make him complain more than usual. He is the most purely physical of the Chaos gods in my experience and does not have much patience for sorcery or planning but can definitely supply the power for such in the form of emotional rage as fuel if you can handle it or be used to inspire it in others. If you need to win a bet at sports put Khorne infusing the side you want to win though it might get a bit more brutal than usual.

Slaanesh Prince of Desire and Passion

Slaanesh is a personal favorite of mine and the one I have the most experience with. Slaanesh is the embodiment of lust, passion, pain, pleasure and excess. Not just of physical lust and passions of sex and substance but Slaanesh governs all desire and passion in all fields. The great artist and his vision and passion of art draws on and feeds the passions of Slaanesh the same as an entrepreneur’s desire to achieve and possess his own company. All that is required is the passion and desire to see it through for it is the joy of passions and desires realized and the pain and journey to them that feed this god and that this god can grant. Sublime pleasure, divine inspiration and vision, and whispers of the perfect path to fulfill ones dreams and wishes. Also embodied is the horror, torment, agony of failure and loss of faith and hope in the self and the death of dreams to those displease the bearer of this god’s power.

Tzeentch Architect of Fate

Tzeentch is the Architect of Fate and Master of Magicians. He is the force of change, probability and possibility. He is the patron Chaos god of sorcery and magick though they all have their own paths of such. He is the schemer and master of plots and their fulfillment and closely tied to Slaanesh in the fulfillment of desires for while Slaanesh gives the motivation and passions so does Tzeentch govern the intellect and mind that would guide such to fulfillment but inversely passion and desire are needed for such plots to even exist. This shows more clearly than other cases the interplay and crossover between the Chaos gods. Tzeentch is the pinnacle of Fate and magick. All concepts of karma and cause and effect are known to him and he sits in the center of reality within and without all knowing. He is also the Keeper of Secrets and all magicians are tied to his realm.

Nurgle Lord of Decay and Resurrection

Nurgle is the god of death and entropy he is the first of the powers of Chaos and the last. It is from entropy and death that all things are reborn and to which they return. His realms are as subtle as they are blatant and can be as delicate and convoluted as the many plans of Tzeentch. For his realm is not just physical but also mental, the death of ideas, philosophies and theories and their the twisting resurgence of those same ideas in new forms just as death can be brought in new twisting forms of decay and disease. Through death there can be rebirth and through rebirth there is change. Tzeentch and Nurgle are in their active forms often opposed to each other but in their passive forms are complementary parts of the cycles for the resurrection and change of ideas cannot be accomplished without both the death of the idea, its rebirth, but also the change and mutation which Tzeentch would govern. This applies physically and circumstantially as well.

While the four primary gods are complementary in many ways they are also opposing to each other in many ways as well and can be seen as representative of different parts of the universal cycles of not just the nature of reality but also of the beings within. They spring from the same source of Chaos as the pure embodiments and personifications of universal forces and powers. They can also be seen as representative of the elements with the Immaterium forming the fifth in this I ascribe Khorne to Fire, Slaanesh to Water, Tzeentch to Air and Nurgle to Earth though their manifestations will belong to different elements so it is up to the magician and his personal relationships to these forces to ascribe his own elemental order. So too will each magician find the mechanisms of these gods to function differently with each other because more than any other I find these beings are first reflections of yourself and then reflections of the external. Their essence resides in each and every living being and the mental nature of reality itself and these names and forms are just the purest widest reaching manifestations and so many names can be given to them each unique and personal to the one that uses them. They are not the same as other named which embody specific sides of these forces and aspects but rather the Chaos gods embody the whole reality of the force and power within yourself and all existence rather than some small part as most other beings would.

To call upon them you reach within to their essence within and raise that to exaltation and call out by the name chosen so that the universal power of your own force responds and takes form drawing the sentience of that force into an embodiment of what is within and projected into you is the embodiment of the external force. These beings are thus the ultimate representation of As Above so Below and Within so Without. This should reveal some of how they reconcile with more ordered paths as manifestations of universal law that has not been limited by terminology.

Now while in the lore of the fictional universes these names and inspiration is drawn from they are shown as foul and corrupt consider the culture in such universes is often opposed already to freedom, expression, and the powers associated with such and so through repression and demonization so do these beings become corrupt to those they deal with as their concepts are corrupted within the one that calls them. They are as demonic, angelic or neutral as their source within yourself is. That is not to say they don’t have their own will as for it is important to remember that while they will reflect what is within they also reflect the universal concept and all the forms and ideas of the concept in existence with their own will and sentience.

Now we come to the Immaterium and the full reconciliation with other paths of order.

Immaterium the Foundations

The Immaterium or Warp is the realm of chaos and in my experience the underlying foundations and fabric of all manifestation and structured realms both physical, astral and mental. It is the embodiment of undifferentiated potential in all forms from which all things are put to order and made from. When you call forth the powers of magick to shape reality you shape the Warp and its infinite potential and put order to the undifferentiated chaos and ideas to bring it to ordered manifestation. The astral realms and planes are the realms of emotion and energy put to order by thought, concept, will and energy and many times stranger laws similar to our own physics in those areas. Yet around all this and underlying it through the cracks is the infinite potential of the immaterium. The Immaterium can thus be considered the foundations and surroundings of all that is ordered and structured and is itself surrounded in the gentle strands of fate and mind that is Akasha which permeates all but even that can be considered the subtle gentle strands and reach of the Immaterium just by a different name to indicate its more subtle and gentler aspect of nature. So within can be considered all realms of existence and those realms of the Chaos gods are just astral realms that by their more open and fluid nature to the concepts they are built have a more apparent connection to this infinite potential and possibility. It can be evoked in sentient form as Chaos Undivided which is the greatest God Head and the purest divinity as being the closest perception of the Source in its raw form one is capable of at the given moment though I have different personal definitions for such and encourage others to find their own terms for it.
In perspective of such as Hermetics which I practice in a sense these powers of Chaos are already elaborated as to how they can exist and their places in reality often in discussion of the aspects of man and relation to external beings, god heads, and the source as well as the mental nature of reality. Often these terms are very well structured for comprehension and learning to give a solid system but just as modern science can be stifling to true understanding of a force so too can these terms often do the true nature of these powers injustice. The scientific terms we have today often fail to convey just how wild and chaotic the world is by the forces of nature despite showing its perfect order in the form of laws and explanations and while many of those are true and valid they still fail to convey the whole concept but must be used in tamed nature to teach and learn before experiencing the full brunt of it. Likewise are many explanations from many systems which embody the same concepts just aids to learn, teach and explain forces that cannot be properly conveyed in mere words. Personal experience will show this true in many ways.

There is so much more that can be said. My approach is often much more structured and orderly than this would make it seem but that is refined by experience and technique to harness uncontrolled forces and chaos yet still keep and instill order. For me tapping into these powers and concepts reaches deeper into the currents of magick and primal energies and requires not just more well practiced discipline and technique but also a greater instinct of trust in self to navigate the resulting tides,


A chaos that is orderly and structured with a defined system of gods? That’s not chaotic at all. By definition, surely?

I would say the birth of order belongs to order, not chaos.

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I agree, although spirits are a nice touch there are already plenty spirits associated with chaos, Belial, Abbadon,Leviathan, Etc.


I think this also confuses void potential and destruction with chaos and entropy.

I don’t see how you can have a ‘power’ - an ordered thing - of chaos either. Chaos is a result, it’s it own thing, loss and lack, and too much, too often too high too soon, and screwing up of people’s shit is chaos.

As soon as you put any kind of definition and order in it, you are a power of order.

And destroying isn’t necessarily chaotic. Breaking an egg to make an omelet isn’t a chaotic thing to do,it’s controlled and has purpose.

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I don’t agree that ‘the world’ [Earth] is chaotic, or that wild is chaotic either. Concept of what? Science is missing the whole story on connection to spirit, consciousness and the non-physical, but again that’s not chaotic.

It’s highly variable, but it follows very strict rules. Chaos and variability are not the same thing.

It might look chaotic to those who don’t understand the rules and how they interconnect everything. As the densest planet in the universe, this is to be expected, I think density brings order, in the same way you can get more in your suitcase if you pack it well rather than shove stuff in willy nilly. The use of particles to create structured matter is very ordered.

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How do you define order without chaos? If the chaos of events, energies and potential did not form some pattern of order then how could order itself exist to apply? It is much the same as the quandary of light and darkness. Neither can exist without the other to define it.
Keep in mind in this instance chaos is not just circumstances but pure potential and infinite possibility that has not been given purpose yet. Think of it like every potential power, energy, and thought at once sometimes a particular theme running dominant but it is unshaped acting off surrounding impulse and whim until some force exerts itself to manifest it into a semblance of the desired outcome.
As to the breakdown and destruction it relates to that very order breaking back down into undifferentiated matter and energy until it is reformed again. I also did say there were many gods that can apply and that those names and their manifestations may vary by the ones who call them. That they are the archetypal forces given sentience by their collective power and the ones that deal with them.
It is impossible to explain or introduce anything without giving some solid form to start with but from there one can explore and find the true wild nature of such powers. I think the problem is you are seeing it as too literal and physical a thing from what it is. I put some order to the chaos by giving the archetypes and names that I am most familiar with and have had the most success with myself. Working with it is not just about pure chaos is about harnessing that power and potential as you wish to manifest what you want. I’ll admit maybe that strain of thought isn’t for everyone or will make sense or work for everyone but I know for myself and some others that work with those same forces it has very powerful results which I wish to share and see what even more people might get out of it.
Chaos is simply the most apt and fitting term for the powers involved and behavior of those powers when not given proper control. As much as one would like perfectly ordered reality that is by the very nature of reality impossible it is a paradox but I find that paradoxical state often holds more truth from how I see it then perfect order and laws. Some laws are immutable just by the way they are enacted but most are mutable or simply fall away at certain points with higher laws and forces overruling them.
Consider the difference between two different philosophies and sets of experiences perhaps.

Yes, well I presented those particular spirits and manifestations of powers because I myself have found far more powerful and immediate results working with them than many traditional spirits of chaos. Even working with traditional spirits though that power can still be utilized and I do plan tonight to introduce a few rituals to utilize those forces. You can just substitute out for the spirit you feel the greatest call to use.

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Maybe I don’t get the context of what you are trying to do here. Are you trying to define a structured system of magic that reveres chaos as a principle?

I didn’t say that. You can’t have one without the other. They exist in balance. The creation or order is the destruction of chaos, and the birth or chaos is the destruction of order. But chaos can’t create order and order can’t create chaos.

My point was, defining the birth of order as part of chaos force makes no sense. The birth of order comes from order. They are equal and opposite. Chaos is not the driver of order.

Light and dark isn’t a quandry at all. No opposite is difficult to understand when you exist in a duality as we do. You can’t have in inside without an outside either. Is the idea that a mug can hold coffee inside it a “quandry” too? I don’t think so.

What is a ‘power’? By ‘powers’ do you mean the list of gods you mentioned?
None of those look chaotic in any way to me, so the term ‘chaos’ isn’t appropriate to them in my mind… again, I don’t think I get what you’re trying to say.

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I for one would like to see the rituals, and i thinking of calling on one of these spirits soon to get there Gnosis

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Yeah in this case chaos is more a conceptual facet. Those gods can be seen as names and faces given to divisions of that chaos into more ordered personified forms that deal with very primal emotions and powers. Also our philosophy is fairly different on small points. For instance for be the light creates darkness as a result and the darkness thus creates light. Whichever is brought first must also create and bring its opposite in order to exist. I come to this conclusion just based on how different types of energy tend to react and create effects similar to their opposites when I utilize them even if only the effects of the intended power are utilized and experienced the other force is still perceptible or needed in some way.
So I’m thinking the main point of contention is really just how our philosophies are different and our brains interpret it different. Similar to how I feel about some forms and paths of magick I’ve seen that others have had a huge success with. Still even with these differences you can adapt things into your system from this perspective in a way they make sense and see what it does for you.

Here I present a couple of rituals or rather techniques to tap into these currents of power and use it as your own. I debated over a looser structure or more rigid for these to present them but figured if presented as just the basic techniques they can be more readily adapted into a ritualistic structure.

This first ritual calls on the powers of chaos and primal emotion. It is a ritual might come to some very easily and for others be harder but it is the basic ritual that must be learned and mastered. You will call on the power of chaos itself and the pure infinite potential within it.
These rituals I will assume you have the basics of energy manipulation and related techniques already well developed.

Focus first on yourself and your strongest most wild emotions that you are prone too. Reach deep down meditating on that emotion and bringing it forth in full. Use any external aids needed to do this and remember this is not a calm meditation but one meant to bring it up forcefully in full force. As you do this draw it forth breathing in the energy of the warp focusing your mind on the infinite potential and possibility drawing it in as a thick nebulous energy with your breath as you would any other and as you breathe in and out mix the emotional energy and the warp energy together taking it into your body and surrounding yourself with it until you can support no more of it.
This simple process will with practice put you in touch with the power of chaos. The very primal and wild potential of those energies that are entirely reactive to your will and fueled by your emotions. Continue to practice this until calling that power complete with a chosen emotion is an easy and simple matter. This is the first step.

The next step you will create a symbol and gateway of warp energy related to one of the chaos gods of your choosing. I recommend choosing the emotional energy you are strongest at using to evoke the warp energy to determine which god to link it to. Using the symbol of the god start pushing the gathered warp into it focusing it into a hole in reality a gateway to more powers of chaos and the deity in question or if you are more comfortable chaos in general using the classic eight rayed star of chaos magick. Continue this day after day until you feel it is sufficiently strong.

Meditate over this symbol and the powers of chaos it connects to letting your mind sink into them to where your own mind is the only semblance of order and you become the eye of calm and order in the storm of chaos. Observe and take part but remain in control of yourself while experiencing it all. This is to get you familiar and use to that power and you should start implementing it into your other workings and see how it benefits you and any unique effects or gifts you derive from it.

Next you will move onto calling a chosen chaos god. This varies standard evocation as there is no triangle but is similar to invocation. You become consumed in the emotions and concept of the chosen god calling them forth but also becoming an embodiment of them. This is similar to evoking and at the same time assuming their form and energy in yourself. If you are familiar with methods of mental and energetic shapeshifting this will be easy for you to do calling up the emotions and warp energy associated to the chosen god and assuming it’s mantle before you start to evoke their presence around you.

When consumed in the emotional state and assuming their mental energetic form they will readily respond to the call. Now I am not sure quite how this will work on more tightly formed and structured beings such as more traditional spirits but for the large sentient masses of energy and concept that the chaos gods often seem to be it world very well.

Hey @anon47923162 , could you DM me? I’d love to talk about some stuff :slight_smile:

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