Litanies and Kunda Yoga

Okay so I started the recommendations for beginners and have a question though.

Okay so the first excercise says to chant a chosen Divs name while seeing the sigil in the minds eye.

Now I chose Sovar due to him helping with Staots and I remembered the supplementary book of prayers as well.

Now; how would I go about combining the Jupiter Litany with Sovar?

Also any recommendations would be helpful as well.

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Performing a session of Kunda yoga with Sovar will greatly enhance any of the planetary littanies given in the supplemental text. He is the Commander of Divs and will move any of the forces of Arezura with a whisper. One good way to do the sorcery would be to create a candle or “lamp of fate” which aligns with your cause. Add associated color and essential oil and blood. Charge the candle with the inverse litany of jupiter. Then… how about inscribing a sigil which aligns with your objective as I suggest in the supplemental material??? Pahlavi script is very potent toward this cause. Many possibilities! Let me know if you have more specific questions.


@KurtisJoseph trying to do my homework. You mentioned supplemental material. Does that come with the textbook?

It should be emailed to you when you bought the book


Can’t say I ever received that


@KingOfHearts616 email BALG support


@KurtisJoseph, I purchased a copy of the book when it was released in 2017. At that time, I received a copy of th supplemental text.
Recently, I purchased another copy. When I did not receive an email with the supplemental text, I emailed BALG support. The individual who responded stated that there was no supplemental text.
I would really like a copy since I no longer have the one that I received when I purchased the first copy of the text in 2017. How can I get it?

:thinking: the link to the supplemental text should still be in your email, mine still is almost a year later.

Search for this heading in your email.
Black Magick of Ahriman - eBook Supplement
It pops up on my gmail. Dunno if it comes through the same on other email services.

It was only available for the first however many buyers of the book.

I’m very interested for this Current. I see that there is not much similarity with Michael W. Ford (Drauga-Ahrimanian Yatuk Dinoh). Do I need to have an altar for practicing Litany?

No the litany work can be done without an alter. Same as with the foundational practices. The ignition of the black sun ritual will work to align you too the current.


Thanks for the information. I will buy the book

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Everyone can find their own depth within this work. That is the awesome thing about it.