Listen at Bune’s Enn and gazing at her sigil

So I just meditate on Duchess Bune’s enn and was gazing at her sigil and at some point I could see ONLY literally ONLY the flashing lights of every object around me or near me…
The rest around was fainted and not colour at all… again I saw the lines in flash light of every object nearby me…
I think this was good!?!?
I asked some favors in a respectful way and said I have good faith in her and closed the conversation in a respectful way…
funny part was when at the right moment when I said goodbye RIGHT at that moment the enn finished also on YouTube and I couldn’t see how long the enn would be going on
I found it a funny coincidence :slight_smile:


In terms of the sigil flashing if I’m understanding this correctly? Seems good so far! Flashing is a good sign of sigil opening.

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