List of podcasts

I simply can not find any good podcast for the left hand path.
Is there anything to add to my podcast player?

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Hmm I can find this one with the same logo in my podcast app but I can’t download most of it.
Did they move from podcast to YouTube only?

I’m not sure actually. I watch them on YouTube.

Yupp they only do YouTube now.
To bad but I follow them there, seems like the best so far.

Just wanted to bump because I was about to ask the same. I can’t do YouTube podcasts because I listen to them on the go.

You could try Deeper down the rabbit hole.

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You can use a YouTube download site and it to convert videos to MP3 files.


@Dolphin thank you I will check it out.

@UnseelieDiabolus Good ideaI will try that for the longer ones.