List of Minor Angels and their functions?

Me needs a list of Minor Angels and their functions, other than that of 72 names of god though. Also, if you guys know nice books on Angelic Magic, could you please…?

Im doing own research, but as people here always come with interesting stuff, I took the chance xD


Opus’s Modern Angelic Grimoire
Pauline Art’s found in the Lemegeton
Shem Angels

Skinner and Rankin’s Evocation of Solomon’s Archangels and Demonic Princes has a list of roughly 4.2 billion minor angels. (I saw roughly 4.2 billion, it is actually much much larger lol)

One of the classics of hermetic quaballa:

The Magus by Francis Barett

Book II

I admit it’s sort of a re-work of Agrippa, but I actually find it more useful.

(I also second Rufus Opus’s modern angelic grimoire, I haven’t had time to work through it but it’s well done

You may also want to consider the angel pathworking from Evoking Eternity)


Since I love Opus’ Modern Goetic Grimorie, I could get along well with his Angelic… cool!

I have a pdf of Pauline Art somewhere, way stupid this one havent crossed my mind, specially for I was reading Theurgia Goetia about a week ago -.-

By Shem you mean Shemhamphorash?




I’ve seem some people talking very well of Barret’s works in another community, maybe its time for me to check it out myself.

Thank you guys, gonna go after those, specially that 4.2 billion angels list, this cant be for real… or can?

Yes I mean the Shem’hamphoresh.

Opus’s book is a modern take on the Art of Drawing Spirits into Crystals found in The Magus and also in Frater Ashen Chasen’s Gateways Through Stone and Circle (wait for the second edition to be released as Nephilim put the Hebrew script backwards in the first printing)

I’ll be making my own table of practice for it and wand now that I’m done making them for others and will make a thread as I pathwork through Opus’s take on the system.