List of Demon that could assist me?

Greetings brothers and sisters !
A very good friend of mine living far from me is currently facing a terrible situation and I would like to assist her.
I have to specifical tasks for demon, and I would like too know who could be called to solve each situation

-First situation. I want her to succeed in passing her driver licence next week. It could help her get a job, and here in France, the driver license his a hell to obtain. So I would need a demon to make the exam successfull (its a driving test, not a written test)

-Second situation, she had been expelded from her home by her mother. I need the mother to take her back. Where she is actually, i’m fear for her security and mental stability. I need a demon to fixe the family situation, and make her mother call back .

Any ideas ? I’m opened to all suggestion.
I’m familiar with the process, the thing is , I just dont know how to call for this type of business, I practice most of the time with classical theme like love spells /banefull spells.

Gaap is a Goetic spirit who can help with transportation, Forneus procures love between enemies, and Raum procures love between friends and foes. Others do the same thing…

Amon is a good option too

Gaap is a good support for astral travel, but do you think he is appropriate to pass this kind of exam ?

Gaap can be used to facilitate transportation, and there are no Goetic spirits dedicated to passing driver’s license exams.

Of course, this is too specific, but his there a demon "that assist in hardships for exemple ?

I guess most of them assist with “hardships” of one sort or another. Andrealphus is supposed to help with mathematics examinations. Maybe he could help with other types.

[quote=“Narcissus, post:1, topic:5760”]I need a demon to fixe the family situation, and make her mother call back .

Any ideas ? I’m opened to all suggestion.[/quote]

Look outside the class of beings called “demons” is my suggestion - there are gods, angels, nature spirits, all kinds.

If it was me, I’d probably ask Isis to assist, but there are many other maternal spirits who could also help.