Link for planetary transits

Thought that since everybody is working their magic, and may want better results, this is the current chart of planetary transits:

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Thanks - I was looking at this for planetary hours…

Not sure if it’s helping or hindering as I need a bit more info on Jupiter of Mercury etc and when best to do what.

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Depending on your view of the how things work the timing may be a bit different.The basic idea i kept seeing is one is the ray or souce of power and the other is the lense through which it will manifest. Some works say the day is the source of the ray other the hour. I have found evoking the specific energy desired by sigilizing it yields interesting results regardless of day or hour. In this way you wield the ray and the lens YOU choose. In effect loosening the “Grasp” astrological effects in relation to current time can have on you.

It can be a good energy for expanding knowledge,memory, communication, travel opportunities, business.

Anything related to mercury in general can be expanded upon with this force.


I like to keep it simple, as I’m not an adept, but the rank or experience isn’t the most important thing in magic, I know.
I have seen different planetary workings, and I tend to follow, with the idea of two or more planets working in the day, the planet ruling the day itself, and then the hour of the day.
If someone wants to do Lunar work, then Monday, Mars work, Tuesday, Mercury work Wednesday, Jupiter work Thursday, Venus work Friday, Saturn work Saturday, Solar work Sunday.
Then the hour of the day, then looking at a goal of a ritual, what planet best fits the day and hour.
Then invoking elementals, planets, zodiac signs, and godname trios for qaballistic spheres.
Of course this is where I’m getting started.
There is also the matter of what demons or angels are best not only in the current sign, as for example a few Goetic guys are only invoked in Sagittarius, but also the sign that affects the goal, and figuring out who would cooperate with each other to fulfill the goal.
I’m not sure if my rambling is help or not.
Thank you for the link :slight_smile:

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A few might also find this interesting (came across this again when I was searching for Orphic hymns and invocations for elements, planets, and constellations):

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