Link between the soul and body

As we all know when we astral project we’re tied to our bodies in so much as we will eventually be pulled back. Is there a way to sever this link ?

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The Only way i know to severe the Link between the Body and the Astral Body completely is Physical Death, But The Soul and Astral Body is not the Same things in my own Opinion and Experience,

The Astral Body that we used in Astral Travel is based on the Physical and Energitical Body configuration, its the Reason why when you go into the Astral, your Astral Double look like your Physical Body and that After death, this Body(Astral) if not cared correctly can Vanish and Disapear,

The Soul is the Eternal Part of Men, In my own Paradigm this ‘‘Divine Spark’’ is a part of the Eternal Source of All Things, that i Call the Primordial Akasha. This Part is Eternal and cannot be Destroyed,

Also If The Pulling back sensation is causing you Trouble in Astral Travel, try to go Farther from your Body, as well as practicing it more and more.

Soul and Astral Body and spirit are all the same thing.

  1. What most people think of as Soul is the essence which can at a Source level be defined by the Total Calculation of the base sum of all the parts of ones Total Existence…which includes the unique informational pattern makeup of your body, mind and the output the emanations of the self.

  2. The Spirit is the unique expression of the Soul once they join the spirit becomes empowered forming what is known as an Astral/Emotional Body.

  3. The Astral to Etheric Body are one and the same as far as their composition of emotional energy existing at different levels of density and configuration.

  4. Thus… Ones “Energy Body” is fed by the Life Force output at varying levels (the bodies nervous system producee all types of energy/buiding material) by ones Physical Body.

  5. What this means is is obtaining an Astral body is a form of Activation and growth. There never was a seperation of Body and Spirit.