Lingering Evil? Dread-inducing Room?

Some of you may know that I like to give a quick backdrop and leading up to everything to give context and as much detail as possible. So, if you want to skip it i’ll put it below a line break, but I do believe it is worth reading if you have the time.

It’s currently spring break for my college and in a few days i’ll be going with my best friend to hike a small portion of the Appalachain Trail in Georgia. Until then I am with my family and staying in my old room.
Now, my parent’s house was built by them (rather they comissioned it to be done or something of the sort) so we are the first, and so far only, inhabitants of the house. There is no Indian burial ground, no murders, none of that. It’s common and cliche, but I figured i’d get it out there.

I lived in this house from roughly age 8 until when I went off to college at age 19. Nothing bad has ever happened in the house and I come from a very loving family, but I myself always went through a lot of hard times. I won’t go until detail, but it could basically amount to abuse from others that went on for years, some of it traumatizing. I would bring all of this home into my room and I would make noise music and black metal as an outlet, screaming my head off and being violent towards myself and imaginary images in my head constantly to try and keep the madness away from me.

Eventually my room became very cold, and I mean like ICEBOX cold. We’ve had the heating guys come, the electricians comes, and we have tried everything for years - my room is fucking cold as shit. Now, i’ve gotten used to this and it has made it so that i’m used to sleeping in my clothes, but as I got older I began to notice more sinister things.

I basically became afraid of my room, and until 16 I was afraid of the dark JUST in my room. I always feared of these nightmarish entities in my room and a few times when, out of desperation, I called out to them to leave the whole room would shake slightly and cracks could be heard through the walls. At night I would vividly see shadows moving throughout the room and a few times it has prompted me to scream at the top of my lungs in fear they were so thick and vivid. I’ve had the doors open and slam shut on me, my bed shake, and just more stuff.

Fast forward to tonight and ever since beginning practicing magick I have been getting better at sensing when an entity or something abnormal is in my presence. I get that whole-body tingle and those chills down my spine, but they happen over and over and for no reason other than I FEEL something here. And let me tell you, the moment I walked into my room I felt those chills like crazy. Just a few minutes ago as I was trying to sleep I vividly saw a shadow creature dart across the room at a fast walking pace and it looked humanoid with giant horns coming off of it’s back. Needless to say, the lights are now on. Call me a pussy, but my room here frightens me. I’ve called up entities (well, one in particular) in my apartment and i’ve had some of the most intense stuff happen, but this just fills me with fear and dread. As i’ve written this my bed as been shaken a few times and I am honestly contemplating sleeping on the couch.

Right before I left for college I began to see the room as. . . alive. I began to speaking to it as a person before leaving for long periods of time as if it were a person and I have no idea why. As I finish typing this I think i’m going to go sleep on the couch because I cannot stand this room it’s just downright filling me with dread. I can FEEL something in here and I am NOT liking it

So, my questions comes to this: can all the negativity that I felt, absorbed, gave off, fueled, and fed while in this room be lingering? Has it brought forth some malevolent entities of some sort? Why does just this one room, just his one room, fill me with dread and fear of the dark?

And more importantly, what can I do about this?

Thanks again so much to all of your help.

I’ve had some similar experiences before and I’ve got some input for you but for right now, I’m getting tired and cannot type anything else tonight so I’ll check back with this thread tomorrow afternoon some time.

I read your story twice as it reminded me of myself as a teenager. I use to be petrified of the dark and going to sleep at times in my mother’s back bedroom. I too was abused by members of my family and certain school associates , which made me even more sensitive than most.

I feel this brought the darkness closer to me and like you said, I use to feel very scared at night (although I never put the light on) I just hid under the covers as it came in closer to the bed. I use to physically shake with fear as something, which I couldn’t explain came right up to me and stared at me through the small hole I made to breathe under the blankets.

It was indeed terrifying and I prayed to fall asleep as it lurked around the room, sometimes I could feel its presence on top of the bed and this just made me curl up and stay awake most of the night as I was scared stiff.

over time, I inevitably was drawn to the occult and from there, my journey started and my knowledge grew about these things and many more. I will not insult you with assumptions and guess work here as I could be wrong and that wouldn’t be fair to you my friend so I’ll just tell it how it went for me and hopefully, it may give you some help or indeed, a little comfort in knowing that you’re not on your own with these issues.

The abuse I went through fuelled spasms of intense anger in that room, which I believe built up into its own entity that came back to haunt me as this was the only place it could go, back to the original source from where it was made. It approached at night as this was a time of letting go, a time when I could cut off from the outside world and just try to feel safe, which indeed evoked this opposite response and I was left to face the residual energies of my own thoughts, my own feelings which became physically manifested within the room.

However…from an outside point of view, the darkness itself can visit us as a calling from the natural world of spirit, it can be indeed terrifying at first for we are dealing with all that we don’t understand and all that is indeed out there which is moving closer. As time went on, I learnt to embrace the darkness, I realised that when I just gave myself to it and accepted its hidden form, then it would lose its terror and calm down into some lovely force of nature, or either simply disperse.

The darkness was drawn to me as an awakening into the unknown, a glimpse into the other side of life through spiritual atonement as my sensitivity, curiosity and openness was developing.

So to answer your question from my own point of view, the build up in the room was indeed egregoric in nature but it also triggered off a kind of portal to allow me to reach out to the darkness and accept its hand, and in doing this…I delved into the occult and apart from a-few years of study into psychology, I’ve been here ever since as it’s my world of which I love so much.

Its bloody ironic how I’ve arrived at studying the many aspects of egregore formation, hauntings and its associations with the occult, especially concerning magical practice and how we conceive and birth them!

My own egregore has given me a magnificent rite of purification, which can totally dissolve all previous build ups of influence, karma and magical residue that can linger around structures or within rooms and spaces. If you want me to post about this then I will as it’s the most affective ritual I have ever used in my life concerning purification.

It literally cremates the entire room with spiritual fire and then I can see the remaining strings of build up that are like spiders webs. I then cut through these with the dagger and bring in the four elements along with a balancing agent (ying-yang) to finish off the process. In the morning, the room is like a breath of spring air, it is so fresh and sanctified leaving nothing but a blank space of pure life force energy.

Are you starting at the trail head at Springer Mountain or another section?

As far as the other, have you tried a sage blessing in the room?

I think you can take one of two routes - banish/cleanse it, using a lot of light and maybe fiery energies, or harness and develop it, though that could be emotionally dangerous if IT attempts to overpower you.

I don’t have much time to post today but if you know which option appeals, you might be able to get suggestions regarding that. That you can be fairly certain you created this (as you said, no prior history there) should reasure you, if you need it, of the inherent creative & energy-attracting power of your own magickal mind when fuelled with emotion.

Ok, first of all, the entity that you created is being harmful towards you because you programmed that into it’s very nature by being physically violent towards yourself, while picturing and focusing on yourself being hurt and humiliated while you have been in communion with it for years on end. It think’s you want to be hurt, it think’s its very job is to cause you pain. It think’s that’s why it was created and it’s doing it’s very best to achieve that for you, every time it see’s you.
(apologies for the shit grammar in this paragraph, I had to type it out before I forgot)

Now, like Lady Eva says, you can banish it or harness it. But I would take a slightly different approach.

Note: Prepare yourself first, and think and act differently from the moment you next enter the house.

Next time you enter the house, enter with confidence, politeness and intent. Walk up to your bedroom door and knock gently. Explain that you need to work some things out with the entity and enter slowly. Take a token with you, a vase of flowers would be nice. Walk in, place the flowers in the spiritually darkest corner of the room and sit down right in the middle of room, on the floor. Take some time to relax again and then, in your own words, apologise to the entity and explain that you made a mistake all those years ago. That the people who harmed you made you subconciously harm yourself and made you believe you deserved it. In short, level with it, greet it as a friend (with confidence) and it will listen. Offer to the entity the chance to exact revenge on those who harmed both of you so long ago and for that to be the end of it. Offer to let it stay in the room indefinitely and enjoy the flower’s you have brought, as long as any further hate is directed towards those you harmed you in the first place. As you leave the room, direct the entity to your enemies and see the spiritual vibrations brighten. As you close the door, smile and take a deep breath and move on.

You see, in apologising to the entity, you are also apologising to yourself for the horrible thing you did. If you feel like crying during this, do this, let it out, let this be the end.

I believe this will benefit you, but please only proceed if YOU feel this is the right thing to do. Be careful.