Lingering energy

I tried to check the forum before asking these questions…
When you perform a curse against an enemy and you feel like you could have put more energy or did it longer…what do you do?

Do you perform the curse again? Or do you curse again the next day?
Do you ground yourself?

Thank You

It depends on the type of curse.

However, if you are feeling like you “could have put more into it” then that means you are doubting the magick, and you should stop to think about whether you really want to do the curse at all.

If the answer is yes, then put everything you have into it, and get rid of all doubt.


I did the candle curse spell from the E.A Koetting book against an enemy. I did my own spin on it though…
Once I got done, I felt like i could have done more…but like you said…its just me.
I definitely wanted to do the curse…

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Then let go of doubt and assume results will come.

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I hate to keep this going…
But what if the results don’t come…do I give it about 10 days? Tomorrow?
Time is kinda of the essence…

Well, curses aren’t exactly known for speed because overcoming someone’s will to live takes time.

A candle spell will generally manifest slowly, depending on the outcome that is sought. For example, a candle curse to make someone sick might have an immediate effect, but a curse to kill might require repeating the curse daily for weeks.


Do whatever makes you feel happy and satisfied

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Its a curse for her finances, home, car, mother, daughter, and her relationship…
This will take some time. But I have the pleasure in doing it daily. I just need to stop lusting for results and keep positive that my request is being granted.


Magick is a hard work. If you want to see results in 10 days, you’ll probably won’t see them never.

I am waiting for my results from an year and a half already, and I am ready to wait for it for years, if it’s needed.

It depends on so many factors that nobody could tell you how much time will pass until your curse starts to work.

That doesn’t mean you should stop all your life, waiting for results and looking for some movements.
Actually the best it if you forget about the spell.

Don’t doubt your spell, assume that it’s already working.
And live your life.
If you feel you need to apply more curses, do it but have in mind that the target may have a protection, natural or magickal, and you should destroy it in order the curse to work.
You can summon spirit and ask him to destroy it.


It looks like you need to layer the curse for more power. In life, things take step by step. For example, you want to be rich. you can’t just be rich in one go unless you win super lotto. Realistic approach. You start by learning a skill for a job. You stay there for some time and go up positions. learn different skills.You network for better jobs. Then you do some savings. Use the savings to network as your economic status affect who you meet. Use savings for business. Learn steps of business. Learn how to make money with your business or invest. As you can see there are steps and each one takes time.

For some you can go from point A to B. for others you need more steps from A to B to C to D to E to final step etc… If you need to redo the curse. do so. No one is an expert doing curses first time. Curse take time and it might need ongoing curse to get results as for some people the steps are longer to get to goal so it takes more time. Listen to signs and own intuition if you need to recast or curse with different spells. etc… There are many curses that can help. Your not limited to just one.

Sometimes waiting isn’t the way. Sometimes you have to do the curse again. What if the curse wasn’t cast properly or demon/angel didn’t get the message first time around? Sometimes you have to cast more often to make sure you curse don’t fail until it comes to fruition. Don’t mean by lusting. Just conviction to make sure curse works. And if it works first time. Great! . A 2nd curse for them is extra bonus. =o) Leave no room for failure. Casting every so often is a must until you validated the first curse worked. If there is no validation then it didn’t work and you can be waiting forever.

There will be signs that magick is working as you wait. However, if there isn’t then something is amiss. Time to do some divination or cast again. Dont’ have to be same curse. Can be different for creativity and cuz you probably develop your skills further so it will be different flavor of magick.


Sorry for the late response…
I read some of your posts and your situation…I couldnt…
Sometimes it takes a total breakdown of your life for you to shed what is unnecessary for you get the necessary and what is meant for you…
I had to experience that…I made a post about it on here.
I’m at the point where when I get the urge to curse the new girl(his support dog) I just do…something has to break

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