Limits of magickal protection


I remember reading something told by EA…that once he was shot and that the bullet didnt touch any organ...the doctor said something along the lines "I dont know who you pray to, but keep it going.."lol He stated that he has an army of spirits protecting him... My question is...what are the limits of powerful magickal protection against actions on the physical plane... dont plan to shoot anybody, of course…


I don’t think there is a limit, your ability to protect yourself is directly linked to the amount of power and development you have obtained beyond the infinite. I would how ever argue that at a certain point protection becomes moot as you level of power would flat out prevent situations like this from arising unnecessarily


Brutus: “What are you saying? That I can dodge bullets”?

Demon Morpheus: “No what I’m saying is, when your ready…
you won’t have to”!