Limited space and resources

I had only been a dabbler in magick for quite a while. After reading BALG and currently reading up the evoking eternity, i feel it’s time to do some serious magick for the betterment of creation.

I am contemplating if there is really a need to go through all the steps in order to achieve evocation of spirits, particularly demons? I live in a small apartment with only a small bedroom to myself. I probably don’t have enough space for a 3 foot circle with my bed fixed in place. Also, black candles are hard to find here too…

What are the consequences of evoking demons or angels in my bedroom with any color candles, a bowl of wine and a kitchen knife on the altar in an invisible circle? Will it work at all or will it backfire?

I appreciate any criticism and advice. :stuck_out_tongue:

You could start with more simple stuff like meditation, candle spells and then sigil magick. All of these are necessary steps to take prior to begin practicing more advanced forms of magick and obviously require less space. They will also help you cultivate the skills needed to have success with evocation.

I also don’t have enough space for a proper circle so I try to do the best I can with what I have. My apartment is just one room which means that I do my rituals in the same space that I sleep. After some rituals I feel the need to do a banishing but that’s not always the case. Also I like doing rituals outside when that’s possible.
My ritual tools are not elaborate 'cause I figured out that I’m quite prone to distraction.
There are other members here who can give you better advice than me on the subject of evocations but my opinion is that if you want something to work it will work. Of course it’s better to have a separate ritual space or a proper circle etc to set the mood but even if you have everything and you don’t believe it’s going to work then you’ll still end up blocking all the potential in you.

Hello, I’d agree with the gist of the comment by Dimitris, as looking at EA’s steps of evocation take each of them and work them individually (ex even “subjective immersion” takes a bit, and what that means- not just get it, but having a physical shift and connection “getting-it” so to speak) and substantial contact…
Substantial contact- could be via a name or a sigil/signature (or both) I’d say should develop communication (even if very informal- but a knowing of each party- a feeling of if the Entity will be interested in Appearing… you get a feel and they get a sense- and how the two of your energies mix

  • ie it may be a bad-mix… or a sense of um for this purpose ok, but not really else… or even, we connect really well, but not for this purpose… not on this topic…

    So that combines, setting the foundation [that shift, as well as contact]

(what is the means you need to use to do that, and what is the mental-energetic shift you use to engage that, at first with great effort and lead-up, setting up “symbols and ritual” to trigger that through Assoc, and then eventually just think-it, like wiggling a finger… but that is over time, just have the first tentative-steps)

Also can get a sense of what need to do to work towards (as well as you’ll notice the “opening for” change in you as a result of contact, not as strong as Evocation, but there, and good to get used to before the big impact)… but also might get fdbk on Since I only have this space and these tools… how do it?

Related to first pt, doing the indiv steps, the incantation: find one (or a few and try different- see which works better- and how using one you get a sense of the rhythm and flow of it)… I’d try and use the words- not calling up an Entity, just the words alone (just like in Substantial Contact- I’d have a purpose in mind, even if you didn’t plan it as a “working” still in back of mind you current goal, and the “type of Entity” or “energy-current” you’d work with)… and see what happens…
(if string together a bunch of untried parts- who knows what could happen (and if it doesn’t or isn’t quite what you seek- what part change? so many) if work using Incant words- and nothing… well the focus is just on that…

So in the end what Indigod and Nereid wrote ties to Dimitris also- but I’d step into it, the upside being you can start even during your reading this (not need to wait) and see/feel/exper results of some kind immed

(Edison and his 10,000 results on the way to lightbulb- “no failures, each was a result” -process of elimination, other info, and could be used for else, like the “glue” that didn’t work, that became “Post-It”… repurposed) I just added all that in case the thought of do- results? what if?
<<but at the same time, until the light bulb lights, result not achieved. Affect of a Working is distinct, and whether or not that involves Contacting Else-Other (an Entity)- which has an impact itself. So steps toward that are significant, but I wouldn’t say reached until reached. -to contrast ‘most’ writer-speakers on this subject>>

But I’d say, fully space, actual shifting the energy in the enviro, contact and Assistance (from the otherside) by Entity(s) involved and boosting- and skill at those shifts and engaging: Is that going to create a change different from imagining an imaginary (thought to be just pretend “thought-form”) without tools that fit a particular tradition’s pattern? Sure different, but if each has their own: and the ongoing DevelProcess is the thing

As I note I find vague-neartelepathic contact, vs jumping to the “Crossroads” the grey-mist place, vs in the overlaying dream-space of sortof imagery and yet autonomous, are each different than a form Expressing in the Concrete Physical- but have their place

(I rarely use a circle, or even incense recently- but for purpose- but the QuantumJump to that other Awareness and then that Awareness-Energy affecting-channeling through the Normal, that’s a key.

I think buried through the forum post-comments on many threads there is much info (you might have to click through many unrelated to locate, but avail free)- luck

Hey there- I don’t know if anyone reading the post I wrote above gained something from it (vs willingness-motivation-interested in going through it and breaking apart the ideas)
If so, in addition to others posts, two below ones were written pretty packed (and not reworked- long enough already)- but can find by clicking a poster’s username as a URLlink “show posts” but below are two

In particular what made me think to link these, is idea of a concept of an idea, vs a "representative~ agent" of a Power, vs the actual Power itself (many modern groups say all three are just the first one- just parts of mind of a person- Anthropocentric, no people there would be no Spirits (?) that's a view.. but... 
                      (and idea if having CEO of a company, or rep of an InvestmentBank coming to visit about a plan you are proposing- would you meet in an imaginary-circle, or even a hastily-drawn setup, vs in a nice location set aside for?     One does what one can, but if one's subcon would think not to have them into such, not ready for, then you may end only inviting an "agent" (servitor/low-level-employee)... or even just your concept of (slamming shut your own contact)...    
If further than above (a CEO) what about President of a country? or Royalty?  Who (state of mind) would you be- thus the "invoking of Omnipotence" not as a telling-your-self you're ready, but an actual change (shifting gears, say into 4wheel drive, with supercharger)..   

and if hesitant CEO or National Leader… then a “Spiritual King”? (been around for many yrs? ) -and dig abit and see many would think this a silly question as underneath the idea, not the same as a “person”… not real(ly)‘knowing’-(under-standing-as-foundation)-to-influence/msg7627/#msg7627’s-ref-to-invoking-omnipotence-not-only-theta-gammasynch-but-also-mindshift/msg9952/#msg9952

also above talks about the “steps” of a Working, and also doing those “steps” while in the Th-Gm synch (Gnostic Trance makes thinking/remembering the way we usually do- a bit different). anyway- the thought in this thread seemed to click something in my mind, and what I wished I’d had to read back-when. cheers-