Limited space and candle magick?

I started burning a pillar candle for Raziel and wisdom/spiritual growth yesterday. Raziel has been pretty helpful to me. He let me feel his presence and he revealed some things that increased my faith in magick.
Today I have been thinking I might try a a banishing candle for some of the negative recurring thoughts I have. (I have a sh*tty attitude.)
I have very limited space. Can I have a sort of gratitude/offering candle next to a banishing candle with both going at the same time.
Are there any guidelines/protocols for this sort of thing? Is this not a good idea or is it OK. Sort of calling in one thing while pushing another out.


Its fine as long as the wax doesn’t melt over other things! Thats when intents mix… so if you are sure the candle will burn all the way without melting over the space around it! Like you have it in a glass holder or something that prevents the wax from leaking! Then its fine! I have a small space and I tend to burn different candles for different intentions with a cup offering! It went fine for me but there was a time when a candle wax filled the holder and merged with other candle! Messed up my results…

Cool. I will get started. I will be sure to keep them separated and minimize any chance of one wax touching the other wax.

Yes, although as previously stated, I would keep the candles apart (even if it is just five or so inches apart) and not allow the wax to mix.

Or you can use a form of divination to figure out if you should or not, as Raziel may want them to be close for whatever reason. It would be an opportunity to put the ball in his court as you two are working together.