I was just wondering if there was a limit on what you can make a sigil for? Or are the limits more self imposed? I’m not asking to win the lottery or to become famous. More so it’s the little things I want to work on to in order to make big changes. I also am not trying to direct any type of negative energy or intent to anyone. I’ve been researching here on the forum and online as well, just wanted to ask on here in case anyone has some different ways of going about it. Thanks


No, there is no limits, except self-imposed ones.




No, there is no limit to it. It depends on how powerful the entity is and how close you are to that being.


yea i dont really believe magick has a limit…even when it comes to something like the lottery. The issue when it comes to grander requests like that, you run into two road blocks…yourself and/or other magicians. The problem lies with either your own lack of skill/experience as a magician to carry out a grand request, or there are too many other people/magicians working towards the opposite outcome to yours. When thinking about this question, i always like to refer back to a story EA told in his evocation course about how his old master was able to materialize fresh fruit in a pile of sand in an instant in order to feed them. Now i wasn’t there, so i cant say with 100% certainty that this happened, but i wouldn’t be here, continuing to use EAs methods today if i thought he was a liar and a charlatan. So, if what he saw that day was true, it begs the question…If magick can be pushed to the point, with enough practise, to materialize an object instantly out of thin air, then what is it that magick cannot do?


No limits what so ever. It is vital to pay attention to define, what exactly you want. Good definition should be concise and clear. Think and imagine about the desired result! Let your intuition be your guide regarding will the sigil bring me what I want for the desired result or goal. The design and purpose is up to you.

There is already s great thread on this at this link:

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