Limitations on binding spells

I saw this topic recently…

And it reminded me of some further questions in regards to binding spells and I almost asked on this forum but thought maybe I should just start my own.

I have been thinking I have had a binding spell put on me by a certain someone, it had various symptoms, but it has changed over time. I’m not sure if it is because it wears off over time, or because my magick to counter it has been working, or that new symptoms arise because this is an ongoing battle or if I am just crazy, but wondering if things I have experienced or could experience could be coming down the road, could you bind someone from thinking certain thoughts? Taking stimulants? Remembering pasts lives?

Ummm that is all I have for now would it be bad to add to this later?

The past lives thing I was doing what seemed to be many successful past life recalls investigating my history with this person, but after the one where I started accessing the last life we had with much heavier black magick, all past life memory recall attempts have since been at best have been just dribbles at best.

My shaman I work with is generally pretty good and said no you can’t actually bind someone that way, but I think this community may have some different perspectives than what I usually get at home out here.

In regards to thoughts, it seems this person and I have a very strong telepathic link. In the early stages of this I couldn’t even think about him without feeling sick and covered in negative entities. Uhh I mean is it at least safe to sort of assume it is him by now? uhh.

In regards to the drugs, I think he maybe wanting, or may have already binded me from taking my prescription stimulants, is that possible? I sort of want to go on about this more but it is long. Would it be better if I made a separate topic on this?

I haven’t been taking any drugs though actually. I sort of promised him I wouldn’t before we went our separate ways and just been sticking with my promise for now, um I guess. Recently I have been experimenting with candle magick where I would sprinkle some stimulants on the candles to see if I could get a bit of the energy into my candle magick. The first one was for tantra and it seemed to have worked no problem and the second one was just for a boost of energy. I sort of thought doing it this way, would count at least as a technical loophole. The first one worked no problem, but the one for more energy today seemed to work a bit but give a massive head ache.

These are the two things I have noticed that had made me feel I was under a binding, negative entity attachment, and or headaches when doing certain things when there wasn’t before, like the past lives recall or just recently as in one day with the candle. Sometimes if I remove the entities I get headaches and that is later followed by entities… this one time at least when I was trying to write him a rough draft of something I might want to email him one day.

any thoughts?

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Hiya OP! Good idea on employing your creativity for boosting your magic, but I’d do some readings before you use prescriptions in magic- everyone always underestimates the amount of wizards there are, and how many of them are asshats; and there’s little places you can find a greater amount of psychopaths than drug companies! :slight_smile:

I don’t know what your shaman is thinking, but since you can bind anything to or from anything, he’s a bit ‘quirky’! :slight_smile:

That person definitely sounds like a problem individual, but what’s this ‘heavier black magic’ you’re talking about? You could have frazzled your lives in some way, and that could be being used against you. Manifesting that level of specificity is a skill, though, so it sounds like you’ve got a serious foe to face down here.


That is sort of what I thought, but I think his knowledge of black magick or even a lot of basic Crowely stuff is a bit lacking.

I think that I heard (outside of him) that drug binding is a bit harder to make stick. I can’t remember where though, I think YouTube.

Did I say ‘heavier black magic’ ? Well it of course the demon invocation type stuff but I think also sacrifices, but to what degree? I’m not sure um exactly, I’m not sure I wanna know. That is what I get the sense of the last time I was looking, let’s just say.

Which level of specificity specifically? lol


That’s not the worst part, the worst part is I’m pretty sure he is my soul mate. lol


Maybe I’m just crazy and he put a love spell on me.


Hiya OP! Shamans that aren’t new-age wannabes usually know ‘black magic’ like the back of their hand, just like all other magic- if they’re connected, they’ll know the answers about magic even if they don’t have them on hand! That’s why they’re the best ‘breed’ of magician. :slight_smile:

Binding is a part of reality, so, anything can be bound. It’s harder to bind an addiction or dependency because they slither their way into the unconscious and become patterns that are relied upon, but if the drug isn’t life-saving or life-rewiring, it’s pretty easy to do. That kind of effect can also happen when the would-be result is what’s bound; so, if you know what the pills do for you, you might get a better idea of the intended result! :slight_smile:

There’s a pretty sizable skill gap between binding someone’s stimulation, binding their ability to receive gratification, and binding them from taking specific actions individually or in a pattern. Sacrifices could be called black magic, but ‘heavier’ either implies the action type (‘weight’ or burden) or some of the harder stuff, like soul mutation and time corruption.

It’s possible he put a love spell on you! The term ‘soul mates’ is overrated, though, they’re just people you’re destined to meet and interact with- how it rolls out is super variable! :slight_smile:

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