Lilith's Glorious Smell

I would like to know, does Lilith have a unique smell? or maybe she changes the perfume frequently? but what is the common smell to identify her.

This can be beneficial if we have the astral senses, maybe we can differentiate between her and other spirits, or even detecting bad spirits? about bad spirit, do they have a common smell as well?

Lilith has always been a particularly odorous spirit ime. I dont know how I would describe it, but it is most certainly unique.

Even if she does, what she smells like (specifically) will vary for each practitioner.

In a sense (couldn’t help it). I typically use it as a form of verification, with entities I’m comfortable with. Hecate smells different from Pele, to me, and are distinct. I don’t get smells from lesser spirits, but this could be because I don’t care to sense it (or interact with them).

she smells like roses to me

Sometimes I get wafts I’d cinnamon, but usually flowers like peonies, orchids, very sweet, but sensual.

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