Lilith's Enn and her Sigil

Good evening to all! I need this time your wisdom and experience about Lilith. I’ve been meditating and researching about our Goodess, hoping to bond me to her and make a strong relationship with her too. Two weeks ago I’ve had bad experiences after doing 3rd eye meditation. The reason because I’ve stopped all my work on Lilith
(felt so much fear) Now, I’ve decided to face my inner fear and go on with my meditation on Lilith. This time I’ve been using Lilith’s Enn Chanting for my meditation. The question is: I’ve destroyed (because of the fear I’ve felt on March 1st night) the sigil of Lilith I’ve draw and charged with my semen when I started the meditation a month ago. I wanna make a new one, but this time using Lilith Enn (I’ve been meditating with them these last 2 nights - made me feel full relaxed and, in some way, close to her) Could I charge this new sigil using her Enn? And Do I have to charge it again with my semen like the first one? (By the way, last night I’ve offered to her my semen again, wanting to bond me with her, it was good or right?) What do you think or advice to me? Thanks for your attention!


Hang on a sec … Got one in my bag o tricks.