Hello ok so i have a question??? I work with Lilly and we have a great relationship She is my Mother my Lover and Best Friend. But any who so my wife has just started working with her but she is having a hard time giving Lilly her will, and i told her you have to or she will make you. So my wife and i are going threw changes and and have some issues we are dealing with, the question i have is will she and can she put physical things in place to get my wife to listen even if it will fuck with our marriage???

Im going to speak from my own experience on this and say YES she can. Will she though is a different question.

For myself. At first She was very stern with me when I first invoked her. Granted it was during a terrible time in my life and marriage where I was extremely emotionally and mentally unstable and there was a lot of turbulence in my relationship. And man did she fuck my world up for a while until I pulled my head out of my ass.

I also made a super rookie mistake in invoking her before I knew anything about
Her other than the little bit I read in the incantation I used šŸ¤¦ so many stupid mistakes I made as a new magick user. Iā€™m surprised at times im still breathing. I must have some one down there that likes me enough to keep me around lol