I am wondering whats everyone’s thoughts on the Goddess Lilith? I am trying to learn more about her and i get mixed stories, and wanted to clear the air on it. Do you think Lucifer, Lilith, Belial is a good combo? for some odd reason I like Belial, and dont know why.


Have you tried using the forum’s search function? It’s the magnifying glass in the upper right.

There are a lot of threads on Lilith, detailing members’ experiences with her.

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Lilith is considered Satan’s or Samael’s wife. E.A. views Lucifer as one with Amaymon; the first is the entity’s light aspect, the second is the dark one: Black Sun. An Italian magician views instead the Black Sun as Lilith’s positive aspect, and the Black Moon (which is properly Lilith) is her negative aspect.
So, a link with Lucifer is here; maybe also with Belial, she is a queen while he is a king…


She is not Satan’s wife… please do your homework!

I also wrote the option of her being Samael’s wife (the other is the one asserted by the Italian magician I was referring to).

Here is my thread about her. I think it as a good starting point to get into the lies behind the name.

Watch this too.