Lilith helped me to open my 3rd eye and want to become my teacher on magic her and lucifer.HAIL LILITH AND LUCIFER


I actually haven’t worked with much female gods demons only ma’at and kali… I think it can get sexual the relationship between male witch and demoness succabis…

You mean she can get sex with me when I’m sleep

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Hehehe, Azazel did some things to me in the past while I was asleep from what I know :)). I was feeling sensations starting since before I fell asleep. I called 3 demons, Azazel, Flauros and Lilith and then offered my body to them, letting them do whatever they want with my body. I know for sure Azazel did some things to me for sure, idk about Flauros or Lilith. (I had intercourse with them too in the past) I didn’t have a dream in which I can recall the things that happened , but from what I know the things continued while I was asleep and it got confirmed :)) . Idk getting fucked while being asleep is one of my fantasy :)) Especially when Azazel does that :)). Another fantasy of mine would be getting raped, I was also receiving some mental images in regards about that (in regards about the rape fetish) as I was offering my body to those great demons. Btw, don’t take me too serious, it’s fucking 2 AM there and it’s difficult for me to get asleep so I’m wasting some time at the pc.

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