I really hate all the discussion about her

Its kind of sad listening to people bicker constantly, saying “if she doesnt like you youre probably a bad person” and then the people who just hate her for no reason

I see 0 good sides on this, mainly because although alot of people do deserve her wrath in many occasions, ive suffered it for very very stupid reasons, so when her followers (essentially catholics… for female deities) continue to say that she is the panultimate emanation of the divine feminine in demonolatry and that her word is final across all boards it doesn’t add up. Of course her justice is well deserved in many many cases. But what if it isnt?

What if on one side, my partner’s matron is a very empowering and worthy spirit, who enlightens her black moon through her alchemy and fantastical magick, when on the other my relationship rigged by a monstrous spirit who sometimes gives my partner PANIC ATTACKS and lies to her, saying that I’m cheating on her, planting these delusions into her mind for what? I dont work well with Lilith because of this, I highly respect her nonetheless.
I just want my girlfriend to be safe, and for our relationship to be safe. This does not mean cutting ties with her as I respect her and my partner does love her. She just, doesn’t like me, because i dont suit her? I guess? But its kind of affecting me?

If I hear any bullshit about “”Its because youre a man”” I am going to ignore you. I sincerely doubt lilith is that stupid.

I know I have not wronged her, it doesnt really make sense. No offence to her but she can be really really problematic and if my gf reads this she’ll probably fit at me but it is what it is.

PS: Im not trying any ensnarement triangle stuff, astarte once told me that lilith hates being put in those and that its hurtful, wrong etc etc etc, i once toyed with this idea alongside astarte (she was angry at her for a bit too, wanted to “get back” at her or teach her a lesson or something i dont know…) but since then i burnt the page because i didnt want to go through with it. I know any “attacks” on lilith do not ever end well, letting alone that, i am a nice guy and wouldnt want to do that out of sheer respect for her.


i dont think so

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astaroth or astarte? they are 2 different beings

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what troubles you about Lilith exactly? im a man and she has helped me


Read my post

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Are you saying that Lilith gives your partner panic attacks and tells your partner that you’re cheating, or did I misunderstand this?

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i have, but it doesnt make total sense, do you just not vibe with her? do you think she hates you?

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You all need to go read my last topic.

No that is what i said, and I am not cheating so she is lying to my partner. Shes planting this delusion in her head

Then you come here ask for help not question about a spirit that you do not know.

Yes I understood that.
I just wonder for what reason Lilith would say that and give your partner panic attacks?
Even if she wanted to seperate you two, how would panic attacks help your partner?
Or do they rather help that matron spirit maybe?
I’m not a fan of Lilith, I’m not sure that’s even the spirit she is dealing with here.


I think you might be right Helena.

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doesnt sound like Lilith tbh, but then again, any spirit can be hurtful if they choose to

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I still think you all need to stop and go read my last topic, but regarding this topic.

Whatever is wrong can be sorted but I believe Helena might be right and you’ve fallen to the hands of a spirit that is playing with both you and your partner and for some reason wants you apart.

It definitely is her but she can just be a bit dominating in her methods, its not her directly giving her panic attacks i guess just, her angry energy, which she can have alot of.
I dont want to insult her but i would like it if she stopped disliking me for literally no reason, and stopped lying about me. Every time my girlfriend has spoken to her, she says things behind my back that arent really favourable, thats also not too great.

From my gfs side shes a great spirit to work with though, so 🤷🏻

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Sure, but I don’t see the reason here. If she is the matron of that girl, why panic attacks? I know that being guided by a spirit can be tough and you can be put in difficult situations, but panic attacks…idk.


So maybe your girlfriend is the evil spirit here and tries to blame Lilith.


So I just have a question for you @sc4r.
If your girlfriend has a Matron spirit…
Why has Lilith come into the equation?



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