Called on lilith for the 3rd time and today she sounded kinda offended.I am just a little clairoaudient but I am trying to develop my senses however,for the first time my sigil disappeared and reappeared like it should (usually is becomes 3D-ish or starts moving).
I called her for blessing an oil I made and a few crystals,offered her chocolate but her voice felt like she is kinda annoyed.I feel like it was an imposter spirit or something else.I didn’t feel like it was her.
Can somebody help me out?A tarot reading?Asking lilith herself?I am kinda scared of calling her now.
Also,the table I put lilith’s sigil in felt like it was moving towards me and I freaked out and thanked her and apologized if I ever did something to annoy her.

sounds like it, why would she be annoyed, did you ponder on that?


There is no way she’d be annoyed.I did nothing.But I did cast a protection circle.

The best way to find out is to ask her.

maybe thats why, but i think itds impostors

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Did you take any other measures to make sure it was her? If not it does sound like an impostor spirit. I wouldn’t be scared to contact her again if it was an entity based off how she would react. Since you picked up on it she would most likely not get mad at you for calling her again.

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Protection circle to keep the impostors away not her :frowning:

I did LBRP beforehand and casted a protection circle.

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